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a singer on the tree ?

  .       One day my father brought home a radio.It was a big one.Day and night I would listen to songs and memorised them fast.I would do a one man show by climbing a tree and sang my heart out while clinging on to the branch with my legs crossed.My friends would stand below and be my audience.                I imagine this may be the position when you are up there on the tree, holding the branches with both hands just to feel more confident singing...How could I ever imagine to do this ? maybe this chinese girl is also trying to cast her voice across the neighbourhood..ha ha ha ha..      My favourite was Kamariah Noor hit.It goes like...      Wahai permata engkau jelita      Pelita hati kawanku sejati...     When my confidence level shoot up I have my own favourite father's friend.He would call me when he came home from work.I would sing him popular songs of P Ramlee and Saloma.After each song I would be given10 sen.In a day I could earn myself about

a trishaw ride home for 30 cents ?

    I used to walk to school about 2 kilometres away. We did nott feel the distance because everyone else walked too.The boys would crumpled pieces of papers into a ball and kicked it all the way home.The glaring heat of the sun was nothing.No one bothered about SPF cream...he he.     I always got first in exams.So the day I had the report card I would reward myself with a ride on the trishaw to get home faster than the others to break the news to my mom. In those days the trishaw peddlar would only asked for 30 sen for that 2 kilometer ride.                                                         A trishaw peddlar lives a hard life..

..big sized girl became a bridegroom..!

   When I was a little girl in a primary school, we seldom have homework.Everyday was heavenly to us.The minute we got home the school bag would be 'thrown' at the corner of the living room. Had lunch quickly, then out of the house to meet my friends.We were out playing until it was almost dark.    There was no tv, and no computers of course.We would climb trees,eating the fruits on the branches.Hide and seek was quite popular then or the girls would play 'kawin-kawin'.Girls with big size body will be the bridegroom.It was the merriest party ever.But everything stopped dead when I heard my mother's shrieking voice breaking the silence. "M A Z N A H..B A L I K ! ! !