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Smile an everlasting smile..

             If happiness can be shown through facial expression, than a wide smile is sure is the answer..betul tak..             Once I heard on tv that smiles can improve your health, even toned down your stress question, betul ka?             They also say smiling can trick your body to help you change your mood..             I remember a girl very much my senior in Derma School dulu, always smiled. Anywhere I saw her there was always a smile on her face. I love to see that.She looked so sweet.                    One day I was having my ECG at the hospital.When all was done and I was waiting outside the doctor's room, I saw her !.She worked there.Not wearing her uniform, but not a doctor either, maybe a clerk or something.She was still smiling.Still so sweet to my eyes.Smiling to strangers , to everybody.                   It is just logical, that a frown or a grimace drive people away but a smile always draws people close.Smiling does not only keep yo

walk walk walk..and kejutan ketiga...

     It was late for me to start walking at 700 am.Usually it will be around 645 the latest.The sun is creeping out slowly to show itself. Walk walk walk...Met a neighbour, quite near my house ,but never have the opportunity to sembang2.      We talked as we walked.The jogging track has holes here and there, so now instead of admiring the greens around, my eyes have to focus on the track, dah kena twice hampir terjatuh.Tak boleh enjoy jalan macam ni.I heard from the Chinese friends (regular joggers ) who live around the area , a few young Malay men came at night , curi bata2 tu, ish ish...            Here bata2 jalan semua penoh , tak ada yang missing , maybe because this part is so near to Seri Garden , a new hotel in Kangar. And on my left is a Gudduwara, a place of worship for the sikhs.    This morning I was lucky to see someone casting his net at the river along the track.Banyaknya dia dapat ikan .Dont ask me what fish , I tak kenal.Tapi no puyu or haruan, ikan warna p

lagi sekali terkejut...! !

         Hai, minggu ni minggu terkejut saja nampaknya..Adoi jantungku, please dont get panic so fast, jagala tuan kamu sama..          At the surau this morning, I was quite early . There was no lady jemaah yet. I was alone. Masa bagi salam sembahyang sunat, from the corner of my eyes I saw a glimpse of a lady dengan telekung melintas di pintu belakang. I was happy, nanti dia masuk ada la kawan. Lepas habis doa segala.. the lady tak masuk masuk..         I got up , jantung dah berdetup detap ( dialog P Ramlee ) , tinjau la di luar, no one was insight. All the men were in the front part of the surau...        Hati bisik2. Mula ingat macam2.You know la.I ni jenis yang sangat penakut.        Then a neighbour came in..        " Tadi bukan mai dah.pi mana ? " I asked her.        "Aih mana ada cikgu, saya ni la baru sampai..Awatnya ? " Muka dia pun serious..then dia gelak..        "Cikgu jangan buat cerita, saya pun takut juga ni. "        "Dak a

terkejut ! !

          This is an incident that happened on Thursday at Wangsa Walk. After lunch at Tupai-Tupai, Famila wanted to take me to see  the old Istana Negara.Since the new istana is ready, the old one was opened for the public.So those wondering about  what you will likely see in the palace , you can satisfy yourself there, your mind will take you back to balairong seri or balai penghadapan  as what you see in the old Malay movies dulu2.                                                   The old Istana Negara     Luckily Famila checked in the internet dulu and found out the palace was already closed for public on 16th June.I was 4 days late...                                             The breathtaking new Istana Negara .        We headed to Wangsa Walk instead. Sara was tremendously happy, maklum tempat dia familiar..Tiba2 something happened. As we were descending the escalator Famila's long flaring skirt was stucked in the escalator. She kept pulling it out in vain.

A mother is always a mother..

          It was the day where parents came to receive report cards from the class teachers. I gave a brief explanation to the parents who came to collect the report cards . Bukan apa, based on the percentage achieved , mungkin ada murid2 yang akan diturunkan kelas dari kelas A ke B., dan yang melonjak maju dari B kelas akan ke A.Biasa la tu.          Most of  the parents ambik berat and tanya itu ini about their children's progress.And I explain about each and everyone of them.          Akhirnya di dapati hanya seorang murid perempuan akan di turunkan kelas ke kelas B. A girl. and another boy from the B class akan ke A class.          The girl ..Dira ( not her real name ) seemed so sad. I felt so bad. I didnt want to do this.She looked at me with those watery eyes. Oh my God. I am not allowing this to happen. So I decided to let her stay in the A class, dan nak ambik hati Zakry ( Not his real name jugak ) I put him in the A class.         Senyum simpul Zakry..I held him by t

Dating dengan kawan lama..

        There was a phone call at 930am. I was sweeping the floor in the living room. Rushed to the phone on the coffee table .That was my friend.She used to be my PK Hem in SKSP. She is 3 years my senior. Dah retired pun..         "Jum la keluaq sat, macam-macam nak cerita ni .." She said.         "Pagi tak boleh la kak, sibuk ni.nanti nak masuk dapoq pula pukul 1100 pagi."         " Ala sat ja.setengah jam cukup la.Boring gila ni "         "Kalau setengah jam buat apa,tak dan pembuka kata dah habis masa." I cuba melawak.         "Lagi pun pagi ni ada budak-budak dari Chew Aircond dok di rumah, tengah baiki aircond bilik Suhail.Takkan nak tinggal depa dalam rumah ,kak oi."         "Ok lepas zohor boleh ? " she said.         "OK. tunggu saya pi ambik ." She is more senior than me, so its better I go take her nanti at her house.respect la orang lebih tua he he.          Along the way I saw my old school.My

Visiting Ayah...

         Because of my never ending daily chores , visiting him is always being postponed..Nevertheless my prayers for him never ends.Its still a 5 times a day business..Thoughts of him is still very much in my mind, it shows in how many posts  there are about him in my blog.Maybe the years spent with him was short, but the quality time between ayah and I was remarkable enough to take me over the years till now.        This morning I have the best golden opportunity to visit him. The graveyard is next to a housing area.New houses are approaching nearby. No eerie feelings at all entering his 'home ground'.               Beside him on his left is his father, di hijung kaki dia pula my neice ( my brother Mazri's daughter who passed away at an early age of three ) and di hujung kepala my father is her sister. So it was like visiting my family there .           There was one boy (quite retarded ) yang I often asked to help me clean my father's grave area. Last m


       I was helping my mak to serve food for lunch. No dining table di rumah masa tu.So hidang la di lantai di ruang dapor.I was 12 years old then.I remember it was during the school term holidays, because my brother was also at home.    Just as I put the plate of sambal tumis udang on the floor, a small face about 10 years old, appeared at the kitchen door. It was an unfamiliar face to me.But my mom knew him.    "Ni anak jiran baru pindah d tepi jalan dekat kedai Kiang sana." my mak said.    The boy stepped up nearer. His eyes looking at the food served.    "Mak cik, nak nasi ? " He said.    I rasa heran.Why this boy suddenly asked for nasi ? Then he patted his stomach and said."Lapaq ".    My mak asked, " Mak hang tak masak nasi ke di rumah ? "    "Dak, mak keluaq dari pagi tak balik lagi "    "Ayah ? " I asked.    "Ada orang mai berubat, ayah dok berubat orang " He said.    La, anak bomoh depan tu ru

Mecheli mecheli , pitche pitche jaha...

         Ayah just had his lunch. As usual after singing to him a few songs while he ate his food, he would ask for a cup of coffee. Off to the kitchen I went, prepared a cup of coffee for him and sat beside him as usual.     " waktu mana dok hafal lagu Hindustan ni ? " he was referring to the Hindi songs I sang to him while he ate tadi.     "Ala, balik sekolah sama rehat2 tu cek hafal la.Sat ja ayah. "     "Cuba nyanyi lagi sekali lagu yang last tu ayah nak dengaq "     Of course dengan penuh kerelaan, ayah punya pasai apa pun tak pa. So I went like " Mecheli mecheli, piche piche jaha..."     Ayah closed his eyes , mulut hisap rokok, jari beating on his lap, following the rythm.     Tiba2 like the lightning he said something. My singing stopped.     " Sebenaqnya Maznah ni anak India di pekan tu.Ayah bela buat anak sendiri.Tak percaya tengok hidung tu, kulit tu..kan semacam mamak roti tu " muka dia selamba.     "Betui ka

Faten ...prom queen? .he he

       Since as early as 5 years old she liked to put her small feet into my high heel shoes. She went..krap krap krap walking about in the living room.Then she woud wear my dress...meleret leret cuci lantai..bergaya depan cermin and posed macam model.    Bila dah jadi anak dara its not a big surprise to see her taking a deep interest on skin care , hair, figure..sometimes minta duit, bukan apa pun, cream ni habis, cream tu habis.She takes good care of her skin to look ok at all time. Makan kacang pun takut kalau2 tumbuh jerawat.ha ha.   Last two nights they had this prom night. Faten and her friends were very much looking forward to it. She was grumbling about not having a nice dress to the party.(just like me , ada baju tpi dok complain tak dak ...).    Awal-awal lagi dah pakat dengan her sister Famila nak baju for the prom night. Akhirnya dapat jugak.Kakak selalu never dissapoint her siblings.    I bought her a matching pair of shoes. Clutch bag? she has one already. The ev

Serve her right..

         The sky looked dark. In a short time there would be a heavy downpour I thought.Hastily I made my way to the market. Walked past a few stalls.Grinned and smiled at the sellers there ( dah jadi kawan most of them, maklum everyday pi market now )..       Fish was scarce today. Maybe sebab ribut kerap sangat kut.And the fishermen tak dapat ke laut. Ingat nak buat laksa hari ni.Tengok ikan pun tak da ..bihun laksa dah rendam sejak semalam lagi.I have to look for ikan selayang sedap for the kuah. Tak da pulak.jumpa ikan kembong.tu pun ada hanya 2 kilo saja.someone grabbed one kilo, I grabbed the last one.At least jadilah..buat pelepas teringin..       Next for the ulam, picked up serba sikit, then to the last stall for daun putat. Pucuk putat ni memang paling sesuai for laksa.And there is this pak cik's stall who sells all ulam kampung .      He was attending to a lady I knew too well. Dulu masa rajin ke salon rambut , this Chinese lady was the only good one in Kangar. Neve

Suhail ke UITM..

        Anak yang bongsu dah masuk U.. He has been with me eversince he was born in 1994. Memang tak pernah berenggang. Kalau ada pun masa dia ikut rombongan sekolah or camping dengan classmates.         When he was offered a place in boarding school pun dia tak lama. 3 weeks dah cabut lari .balik for good. Homesick, just like his other siblings.Terpaksa la I faced the teachers.Filled in 7 different forms dari bahagian pentadbiran, HEM, and Koko.explaining why he wanted to quit.           He was back in Derma, a famous secondary school in Perlis. He enjoyed his days there to the fullest. Jadi penyanyi sekolah, had his own band, with his best buddies, Kevin, Keong, and Daeng.            After that tak pernah minta kemana lagi.tetap saja di Derma.      Singing is his passion.Plays the guitar. Ada 3 guitar di rumah.Dari guitar tong ke guitar electric.Kalau masuk bathroom siapla kalau tak 30 minute tak sah. Singing at the top of his voice..