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My Precious ..Sara...two years old today ! !

                                       TENDER MOMENTS WITH LITTLE SARA..                                        HAPPY BIRTHDAY SWEETHEART.....                                                        30.4.2012                        The youngest cutest cleaner ..with the smallest broom and a dustpan.                             Ambik tok di airport.(.masa ni muka tok berpeluh dan berlemoih..he he)                                                             Sayang mama..                      All the ladies in the family takut kucing..tapi dia paling suka.pantang jumpa..                                             Something caught her eyes there..                                                                   Leka..              Penceramah bebas FAMA .asyik layan dengan penuh concentration..pak ngah and pk su                                                        Supervisor letih..                                                              

Bersih 3.0...28th April 2012..the pictures speak a thousand words..

                                                            Adelaide                                                           Aukland                                                                   Beijing                                                                Depan Dataran                                                                 Near DBKL                                                              Dublin                                                                 Johor Bahru                                                     Melbourne                                   Central Market early morning                                                               Penang                                                         so touching... .