A birthday card from Ila..


      When my one and only sister Mazila got the opportunity to further her studies in USM Penang, the whole family was delighted beyond words. My mak cried the minute Ila read the offer to every one.Memang la.nama pun anak kecik kan. The thought of parting memang sakit..

      I was proud of her. No one among the siblings was able to set foot in the university kerana tekanan hidup masa tu. So when the other 3 dah boleh stand on our own feet, there was nothing to stop her from getting the best education ever.

      On my birthday she sent a birthday card from Penang.All my life kami tak pernah hantar2 kad ni.maklum tak pernah berenggang. Tiap2 hari tengok muka tu juga.Mana pernah celebrate any birthday..makan pun tak cukup nak celebrate apa.

     Teriak la juga bila terima kad ni. Only three words written : Happy ?? birthday . Nak usik kita la tu .Bila buka kad tu ada muzik pula..At the bottom was written her address there masa tu.

           67, Jln Permai,
           Brown Garden,
           11700 Gelugor .

      Years before that I too lived around the area but sikit kampung la .Tu la yang paling murah.lived with 13 others.macam sardin.

           2436, Jln Helen Brown,
           Gelugor, Penang.
      Now tak payah lagi berkad-kad, we live opposite each other. Only 5 steps away. She has become a dedicated and popular teacher among her students.Sampai my mak complain, at every opportunity she 'll be in school.

        Looking at the card now yang dah keras meleding ( lama simpan) I thought how time flies, baru kemarin rasa dok dokong dia (2 year old Ila masa tu) , malam tu with my two brothers right beside me, we sat watching our father passed away peacefully.

       Only the week before, she was crying desperately, trying to get a rambutan from my father who refused to give her even one.She kept on crying .." nak , nak ! "
        My mak said, " bagi la satu, anak nak tu, bagi .." Ayah did not speak a word. His face looked strange.He did not make the effort to give her the rambutan. I took Ila away.I know something was not right.
        Rupa2nya masa tu ayah has lost his memory, Cancer yang menyerangnya semakin kuat.he did not  recognized Ila, his youngest baby  and he did not even recognized me anymore.......



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