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Caught red handed...

       I was in Kangar a couple of days ago.. Actually I was looking for my facial night cream dah habis.At 11 am in Kangar macam there is no life.Ada la a few people here and there.                                                 Ke Kangar         Got my night cream.Baru 15 minutes in town, I walked cepat2 with small steps.My habit bila out alone.Will walk fast , get whatever I want then terus balik.But if with Faten or friends boleh la lambat2 sikit.         My daughter Famila once said, kalau jalan sorang jalan cepat2, jangan bertentang mata dengan strangers especially men.Tu petua untuk orang muda2 I suppose, but I think older ladies pun boleh buat macam tu.Jalan straight on saja and get on with whatever business you are up to.                                                          Kangar         On the way to my car, I passed by a few shops selling tudung and baju kurung. I had no intention to stop and look at those beautiful things displayed there.But something

touched !...

            I was early .The jogging track was deserted. The heavy rain last night left the track all wet. Puddles of water were everywhere. The wind blowing softly. No one was in sight.Looked at my watch.It was already 650. The sun is creeping out slowly.           I looked at the market across the river. Many people moving around.  I thought of walking to the end of the track, but changed my mind,instead I turned around and started walking in the direction where I came from.          Still there was nobody around. Where were the regular walkers who used to come here, where was that friendly Chinese lady who will approach me with the same question everyday ..          "Awai na ? "          Or that Chinese girl who never look up at your face.(She's short.Very much shorter than me ). Tried smiling many times, in fact humming and singing my favourite tune when I came face to face with her. But still she couldnt afford to light her face with a smile...awal pagi dah