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teacher awat sandwich kami tak rasa macam depa punya.?

        Orang kata kita dengar kita lupa. tapi kita buat kita ingat.That's why the children and their teacher decided buat sandwich last 2 weeks. haha..        Bukan apa .just to make them understand some common cooking terms .Bukan semua budak tau apa itu DICE, CHOP, SPREAD, MIX, MASH,SLICE.BLEND.CUT ,GARNISH..DAN LAIN LAIN.        So bila buat sandwich dengan muka masing2 excited gila...syok la sangat.sandwich je pun. kanak2...... bila dapat pegang bawang, dengan pakai apron pulak tu. Spreading butter on the bread..amboi bukan main suka lagi.Sampai teacher tak sempat nak explain banyak.Semua dah tau what to do.       Cuma selang seli la dengan soalan.     "What are you doing now.? "     " I am slicing the cucumber teacher. " or " I am doing the plating teacher. "       Syok tengok muka2 kecik buat kerja masing2..                                         Group ni dah habis kerja. dok tunggu teacher puji...                  Ha ha .sa

Mak saya kata saya dapat C cukup la teacher...

         Its been like years since I last wrote in this blog. No big reasons actually.just plain tired, no mood to start even though there were so many things to write and share with everyone out there.            So today lets start about something.I want to write about this boy. Now he is in form 1.        Zainudin. (not his real name ).I noticed he was quite naughty the first day I entered the class..The last class . 6 C. A pint sized boy.pointed nose. and a smile on the face every time he saw me .    The first 2 months was the hell of a time for me. Half of the class did not even know simple verbs like pray, wash, wear , put..etc etc. I know that very minute I would have a tough time here.    Everyday we would be reading, drilling on action words like the above..I made them memorize. Maybe its not the way to most teachers , but to me its practical. Then by the end of February, we started writing simple sentences based on pictures I gave them. I have collected lots of pict