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My brother Mazri...

             This is my other brother.Mazri. The one that used to wait for me on his bicycle when I was a temporary teacher after form five..Will never forget that.On raya day years ago, he and my other siblings would stay by the window looking at other children passing by in their new clothes..             Never a word of complain uttered from his mouth then..Only silence..He must be very sad as a young boy of  11 when my dad passed away..                                              With his wife dalam susah dalam senang.                  With his two daughters.He had another elder girl who died of leukimia at the age of three..If she is alive she would be as grown up as my daughter Faten...                                           He has open house on second day of raya. I was only able to attend after 4pm, becoz  I have many guests myself at home..           When I reached his house orang dah semakin kurang dah...There was lots of many varieties to

My brother ...

    You must be wondering why there is no story about my brother( the second in the siblings ).Dia susah sikit nak snap photo dia.This hari raya I have the chance to take candit shots .The day we went to his house on hari raya day.   (   He was 18 when  who took care of the family when I went to college.Refer to my older post.)              His new house is in process.Fully designed by the architect in the son Ahmad Khazimi. A four roomed house.Every room with windows over looking the trees and the small river behind it. When you build a house in the village you can extend, enlarge it anyway you like .The space is unlimited.Lain la dengan kita beli rumah2 taman ni.                                                          Quite spacy inside.I like it..This area is the family room.        Look at him, on hari raya day he wears sarong and t-shirt just like any other day.In fact he goes to KL often wearing only slippers ( slipar Jepun pulak tu..! ! kah kah)  

When my son starts to cook..

        Yesterday was the last day of fasting.My daughters were busy helping me in the kitchen.Faten prepared some fried meehoon, Famila prepared lontong, I cooked rendang to pair with the ketupat,Baki2 hati ayam was left to Famila.She cooked rendang hati pula.         Then my son Khazimi came into the kitchen.Face very cheerful.         " Buat apa semua orang.? "         " Masak la .Untuk buka posa and untuk raya esok." I said..         Suddenly......         "Abang nak masak la emak." A statement made.         "masak apa.Semua kami dah masak."         " sambal tumis petai. " he requested."         "Eleh senang pun tak tau" commented the others..           He was very happy to learn that special dish he loves so much.Step by step he did it.Sambil muka sengeh2 he proudly announced about his cooking.'Yeah siap ! "           Because everyone nak cook, by the end of the afternoon, makanan berlambak at

Anak2 balik beraya..

         Its a yearly event to celebrate.Hari Raya.Tunggu anak2 balik is another thing.At last masa tu pun sampai. The sound of the car arriving depan rumah woke us up.It was 3 am...         My precious little one was fast asleep.kesian tengok dia. mesti letih..A 500 kilometer come home to an excited grandma...         Her mum, my eldest put her on the bed. I've changed the bed sheet and the comforter 2 days ago.Its cosy and comfortable.         After a few words I went straight to the kitchen, my other younger children were busy opening bags for their new baju raya their big sister bawa balik.Everybody was happy.         I headed straight to my kitchen, ready to cook for sahur. Buat daging goreng lada hitam, sayur lemak rebung and ayam panggang. Tumbuk sambal belacan cecah petai. Seronok tengok anak2 makan.Nasi panas2 di senduk ke pinggan licin sekelip mata.         After subuh prayers, everybody sat at the family corner di ruang tengah rumah.Sembang lagi.The la

slipper Kontoi dalam kuali.

          When I was living in Telok Kacang , my nearest neighbour was a chinese family.I called the lady Maknya. Maknya had three children.I only remember the youngest one because the nickname given to him was so funny.Maknya called him Kontoi.Kontoi was only 9 years old then..            Kontoi was a very active boy.He was always running about.His favourite was playing aci with his brother in the house.And when they were running around the house you could hear Maknya shrieking." Haiya Kontoi !"            One evening I smell something nice from her house."masak apa Maknya? bau sedap." She was holding a ladle and was stirring something in her wok.           " Goreng mee." She said smiling to me.Her fat chubby face sweating.           Suddenly I heard Maknya's voice shrieking like she was going to burst her throat.She was blabbering in Hokien..What I saw was terrible.Maknya was lifting a slipper from the wok.Then I heard her shouted            &qu

Bakat yang semakin kabur...

           Orang dulu2 kata kalau kita buat sesuatu kerap semasa mengandung, maka benda itu akan turun kepada anak dalam kandungan.            I really believed this.When I was conceiving my second baby, hobby saya tiap2 hari melukis.I love sceneries sebab saya rasa yang tu saya pandai sikit.bukan banyak pun.tak terror pun...Potraits jangan cuba2.Langsung tak tau.            When I was teaching English in class , I selalu cari peluang melukis di papan hitam, apatah lagi bila mengajar lukisan , suka gila.Budak2 pun enjoy, sebab teacher pun melukis sama..            Below are 2 of my drawings.I keep these since 1984..saja sayang nak buang bakat kabur yang saya miliki.           I only used crayons and water color pinjam budak2 punya..kah kah.kedekut punya cikgu..        When my second boy was still in primary school, he simply loves drawing.Betul lah kata orang tua.Bakat yang tak seberapa itu telah menurun kepada anak saya yang ini.        When he was in boarding school, he

Man oh Man..! !

  NO. 1 A man was so jealous of his newly born baby that he put poison on the wife's nipples while she was asleep.  The next day, their driver died of poisoning. NO.2 A man is dying of cancer, but keeps telling people he is dying of AIDS. His son asked Dad why?  He answered so that when I am dead, no one will sleep with your mum. NO.3 A lady lost three panties in her house and blamed her maid in front of the husband. Maid said sir you are my witness you know I never wear panties.

Budak budak sekarang..tak sangka ! !

          I was about to leave the class.Year three class.Filled with small cute faces of children from the villagers around the school.         After three stretch periods I was almost out of breath.5 minutes before the bell rang. I said to them."        Any question about what we learned just now ?.Anybody wants to ask anything? '         All of a sudden the girl who sat right under my nose said .        " Teacher awat hari ni teacher tak pakai cincin sama dengan baju? selalu sama !" Her face curious as if I have committed a big crime.         I smiled and said.        "Hari ni teacher lambat sikit.Tak dan nak ambik cincin yang match dengan baju." Just as I was about to stand up to get hold of my handbag, another one said .Her face wanted an explanation from me.         "Eyeshadow pun tak sama teacher "         I terkejut.Hai budak2 ni.selama ni they were observing what I wear to school everyday. Ish ish.                              

Ramadhan...comes again...dengan rahmatnya..

     Today is the second day kita puasa.Just like other mothers I start to be busy in the kitchen sebelah petang.Maybe around 3.30 ptg.Masak untuk berbuka puasa.Tak banyak sejenis dua saja lauk.tambah agar2, tambah kurma, lepas btukar2 dengan jiran.last2 penoh juga meja.       Setiap kali datang Ramadhan halaman rumah saya menjadi laluan jemaah yang datang bersembahyang terawikh di surau belakang rumah saya .Pintu belakang rumah saya and the gate to surau is only a few steps away.       Every night as early as 730pm pintu pagar belakang akan di buka,and we will switch on 6 lampu, so that they dont stumble  along the way especially the old ladies, including my mum.       Bahagianya saya, siapa pernah menyangka saya akan di anugerahkan rahmat ini setiap Ramadhan tiba. Lampu akan terus terpasang sehingga  1130 malam.Sehingga semua habis bertadarus.       Sebelah pagi seawal 530 lampu luar dipasang semula untuk kemudahan to those performing their subuh prayers.       Moga2 bila saya