Budak budak sekarang..tak sangka ! !

          I was about to leave the class.Year three class.Filled with small cute faces of children from the villagers around the school.
        After three stretch periods I was almost out of breath.5 minutes before the bell rang. I said to them."        Any question about what we learned just now ?.Anybody wants to ask anything? '
        All of a sudden the girl who sat right under my nose said .
       " Teacher awat hari ni teacher tak pakai cincin sama dengan baju? selalu sama !" Her face curious as if I have committed a big crime.
        I smiled and said.
       "Hari ni teacher lambat sikit.Tak dan nak ambik cincin yang match dengan baju."
Just as I was about to stand up to get hold of my handbag, another one said .Her face wanted an explanation from me.
        "Eyeshadow pun tak sama teacher "
        I terkejut.Hai budak2 ni.selama ni they were observing what I wear to school everyday. Ish ish.

                                Ni la muka2 yang rajin mengusik saya setiap hari..will miss them..

        I stood before the two of them and ask "La, dok perhati teacher pakai apa ke? "
        " Ya, dan satu lagi, lama dah teacher tak pakai rantai. Pasai apa? "
        I said aloud, " Sapa suka teacher pakai rantai, cincin, gelang ?"
        The answer was loud enough "S U K A ! !" the whole class shouted.
        One of the two girls again said." Teacher tudung banyak mana kat umah ?"
        I answered frankly. " Banyak., boleh buka kedai ! I perli balik."
                Moral of the story. Jangan anggap kanak-kanak tak tau apa orang dewasa buat.They are very observant indeed.I made my way to the door." Thank You class."
          And their innocent reply." T HANK YOU TEACHER". Then I paused. Looking at the two girls and said.
        " Baju mana teacher pakai cantik sekali." I was grinning then..( Kalau orang dengar mesti orang kata , teruk sungguh cikgu ni he he).
        Almost automatically, both said, "Baju teacher pakai hari guru tahun lepas cantik!" and they put their thumbs up.They even remembered last year's dress? OMG.
       Typical of women, When I made my way upstairs, I was not thinking of the next period in year 6, instead I was trying to figure out in my head.." Baju mana aku pakai teacher's day tahun lepas.? ? ?..


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