My brother ...

    You must be wondering why there is no story about my brother( the second in the siblings ).Dia susah sikit nak snap photo dia.This hari raya I have the chance to take candit shots .The day we went to his house on hari raya day.
  (   He was 18 when  who took care of the family when I went to college.Refer to my older post.)
             His new house is in process.Fully designed by the architect in the son Ahmad Khazimi. A four roomed house.Every room with windows over looking the trees and the small river behind it. When you build a house in the village you can extend, enlarge it anyway you like .The space is unlimited.Lain la dengan kita beli rumah2 taman ni.


                                   Quite spacy inside.I like it..This area is the family room.

       Look at him, on hari raya day he wears sarong and t-shirt just like any other day.In fact he goes to KL often wearing only slippers ( slipar Jepun pulak tu..! ! kah kah)

              I am glad he lives a happy life. In fact both he and my second brother build houses using only their savings...! ! Not stingy but thrifty...


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