slipper Kontoi dalam kuali.

          When I was living in Telok Kacang , my nearest neighbour was a chinese family.I called the lady Maknya. Maknya had three children.I only remember the youngest one because the nickname given to him was so funny.Maknya called him Kontoi.Kontoi was only 9 years old then..
           Kontoi was a very active boy.He was always running about.His favourite was playing aci with his brother in the house.And when they were running around the house you could hear Maknya shrieking." Haiya Kontoi !"
           One evening I smell something nice from her house."masak apa Maknya? bau sedap." She was holding a ladle and was stirring something in her wok.
          " Goreng mee." She said smiling to me.Her fat chubby face sweating.
          Suddenly I heard Maknya's voice shrieking like she was going to burst her throat.She was blabbering in Hokien..What I saw was terrible.Maknya was lifting a slipper from the wok.Then I heard her shouted
           " K O N T O I ! !"
         Slipper masuk dalam kuali.?? Mampus ! I did not want to imagine what happened to Kontoi after that..Maknya was chasing him and Kontoi was at top speed running for his dear life.....


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