Anak2 balik beraya..

         Its a yearly event to celebrate.Hari Raya.Tunggu anak2 balik is another thing.At last masa tu pun sampai. The sound of the car arriving depan rumah woke us up.It was 3 am...
        My precious little one was fast asleep.kesian tengok dia. mesti letih..A 500 kilometer come home to an excited grandma...
        Her mum, my eldest put her on the bed. I've changed the bed sheet and the comforter 2 days ago.Its cosy and comfortable.
        After a few words I went straight to the kitchen, my other younger children were busy opening bags for their new baju raya their big sister bawa balik.Everybody was happy.
        I headed straight to my kitchen, ready to cook for sahur. Buat daging goreng lada hitam, sayur lemak rebung and ayam panggang. Tumbuk sambal belacan cecah petai. Seronok tengok anak2 makan.Nasi panas2 di senduk ke pinggan licin sekelip mata.
        After subuh prayers, everybody sat at the family corner di ruang tengah rumah.Sembang lagi.The last time we all met was last month.But it seemed like years...
        Suddenly baby jaga.Her mum went pick her up.There she was, giving me the sweetest smile ever..
I stood up, " mai kat tok"..I know I am getting older and weaker each day but I am pleased to grow old with my loved ones around me..Holding little Sara close to my heart I thought ...age is just numbers, I want to grow old gracefully...  So that I will be able to stay healthy to witness this similar moment forever and ever....


  1. yes..balik kampung is always one of my favourite things..makan sedap2..bersembang and gossip with mak in her room every morning..cook together..and now, seeing my family face super happy playing with Sara..eventhough dah lama stay in KL...Indera Kayangan is always in my heart..

  2. Thnx kakak.moga2 budaya balik kmpung will stay on smpai bila2.letih masak tk rasa.Bila tengok everyone happy makan, lepas tu main dengan Sara yg dh pndai bercakap,my days will be blue when all of u return back to KL..

  3. tumpang kg jugak..
    -drebar yg berdedikasi


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