My brother Mazri...

             This is my other brother.Mazri. The one that used to wait for me on his bicycle when I was a temporary teacher after form five..Will never forget that.On raya day years ago, he and my other siblings would stay by the window looking at other children passing by in their new clothes..
            Never a word of complain uttered from his mouth then..Only silence..He must be very sad as a young boy of  11 when my dad passed away..


                                         With his wife dalam susah dalam senang.

                 With his two daughters.He had another elder girl who died of leukimia at the age of three..If she is alive she would be as grown up as my daughter Faten...

                                          He has open house on second day of raya. I was only able to attend after 4pm, becoz  I have many guests myself at home..

          When I reached his house orang dah semakin kurang dah...There was lots of many varieties to choose from..

                                                              With them at the front door..

                           My daughter Faten with my little cucu ,Sara in his living room.

                The party continued until night.He celebrated his birthday  on 31st August. We had barbeque kambing, satay , soto, and lots of deserts and ice cream...
                He is a very successful man now .Fate is such..Thank you Allah.I am happy for him.He never forgets his big sister though, with all the wealth he has .He is still humble, still donates a lot, unlike my other brother he spends money very lavishly and  lives to the fullest..
                May Allah continues to shower him with happiness and good health.The past is not forgotten ..It still lives in our hearts , in our mind..


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