Erni..The Star in the class..

    She is an adopted child to a respected man here in Bohor Mali. From a broken family , her mother couldnt afford to keep all the children with her.
    When she first came here to my class (yr 5) she only wrote 'ten ten ten' to anything she saw on the board.For a while everybody in the school would call her Ten Ten. She did not seem to mind though.During recess time she eats a lot, besides the RMT food ( free food to the poor children) she can still eat a lot more.And on top of that can still finish her friends' laksa or mee goreng if offered !
     Because I never allow any hanky panky in class she will stay quiet throughout the lesson.Immediately after I leave the class she will be on top of the world again, dancing , acting, whatever she wishes to do.
     In spite of her happy go lucky attitude, never does her homework ( couldnt blame her because she is an illiterate student) , she is still the centre of attraction around the school..
     During assembly she is there in the front line.Always grins with her mouth shut , because she lost one front tooth recently he he .
     The other side of her there is a soft part.On teacher's day she gave me a qur'an ! She was eager to come to my side every time the lesson is over.She will give the best grin ever and said.." teacher, buku ni nak bawa bilik guru ke? ni beg teacher nk simpan dalam kreta dak " And we will walk together down the stairs ..I will say " nanti di rumah mesti tolong mak angkat kamu tu sapu sampah atau lipat kain, kesian dia" She will say " dia tak bagi teacher, dia suruh saya tengok tv saja." I would give her a heavy pat on her shoulder and she would giggle all the way to the car...

           Look at her friends' reaction when her photograph is taken..She is the star of the class..


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