Worst Floods Hit Perlis

                      November last year Perlis was hit by the worst flood ever.It rained heavily for days and days before that.

      Timah Tasoh Reservoir is the largest freshwater wetland in Perlis. It is built to control water shortage problem in Perlis especially during dry season whereby it is used to irrigate paddy land for double cropping.
      The state government refuted claims that the dam failed to mitigate floods which hit Perlis.

                                               Just look at this .It makes you shudder...

                                                         Evacuating to higher ground.

                                                                  Another isolated case.

          Just grab whatever you can. TV is another source of entertainment you cant afford to lose.

                                                             This is very bad...

                                                  My house somewhere around this area.

        Victims moved to schools and other centres for the time being where food and blankets are provided.

      It's strange to see people casting their nets on places that used to be  busy roads before the floods. Fish are easily caught...maybe the fish also said," hey this is strange.I cant remember swimming in this water before.."

                                           The road in front of my house

                     Very bad.In front of Kangar General Hospital.Just imagine how the doctors and nurses manage the situation.

                                                  Cooking together, food for the flood victims

                                                 Flood subsided at last...go home now..


                                      Dilema di supermarket..Bankrupt la towkey mcm ni..

                                             After the floods.Cleaning and scrubbing time.

                                My neighbours wading in the flood water around my housing area.


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