Those were the days (51 ) I played truant and no one knew about it....

            Since I was punished standing on the chair for reading Enid Blyton during lessons, I was ok till I reached form 4. Then the habit came again.this time I go for romantic novels by Denise Robins ( which I love most ) and of course Mills and Boons.This is a British publisher of romance novels.

            Denise Robins was a very popular writer.To me no other writer could understand a woman like Denise Robins did.She was born in England in 1897 and died in 1985.Two of her best written novels that I still remember until now was 'Desire is blind' and 'Brief Ecstasy' ( kept reading them over and over again.

                                                                Denise Robins

             My old school SMK Derma has loads and loads of novels in the old days.Although they were not by Denise Robins but I have always found interesting ones to read.Most of the time I borrowed . I even skipped my meals just to finish them.
             I have always hate PE lessons in school. One day I sneaked into the library during PE lesson.Because PE periods were always the first and second period, so I would just lingered near the library. When the bell rang I slipped in and explain to the librarian. ( Pak Hamzah)  Pak cik yang juling sikit matanya dan kawan2 semua takut.Dia garang.
                      So I said ' Pak Cik saya doktor tak bagi PJ.Saya dok baca buku dalam ni boleh? "
                      He stared at me dengan mata sebelah tengok sebelah tak tengok,(sorry Pak Hamzah)
                      "Awat? Hang sakit apa?
                      "Saya ni lemah badan.Kalau main nanti pengsan"
                      He sort of satisfied and said " Hm dok la situ.baca buku diam2"
                      Lega.....No one knew about that.I have been playing truants and have been in the library all along reading romantic novels. After PE lesson was over I went into my class like nothing has happened.My friends would say. "Wei hang kalau hari Selasa mesti mai lambat."
                     Pak Hamzah became a close friend. I could even borrow 3 or more books at one time. So I became ulat buku .Novels especially.
                     I saved every single sen to buy Mills and Boons or Denise Robins's novels. In those days they were quite cheap. I have a collection of them which I exchanged with my friends.

               In a way I think reading those novels got me something. Every time when I have to write essays or compositions, mine was always pinned up on the notice board.He he....Mr Ranjit Singh my history teacher commented" Hey girl you describe your history homework just like writing a story..and he liked it I knew.
               The hero in Mills and Boons was always a damn romantic guy.In Denise Robins he would always be proud and arrogant in the beginning. The girl would always be naive and innocent and sweet and beautiful. The stories always ended with happy endings.I love that.

         Although I love English novels I too love novels by HAMKA. The Indonesian famous writer. I read his " Tenggelamnya Kapal Van Der Vidge" again and again until I could memorize a few distinguish lines. A sad love story that ended in tragedy. Sometimes now when I take the book ( from the store in my house) I still cried and cried reading it.
         My son will say "Ish baca teriak,baca teriak.Tk yah baca la." And slowly I would take the book into my room and read and cried my heart out.....ish ish Maznah... Maznah....


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