Patung cendana menyanyi...


          One evening many2 years ago I was singing in a small district in Kedah.The show that night was for the villagers.I was with my group including the dancers.
          I was wearing my black dress.soft and flowing matched with a really high heel shoes. When it was my turn to sing , I walked up the stage. It was a stage made by the kampung folks, where they used planks of wood as the stage floor.
         Adoi, tiba-tiba I nampak ruang antara papan tu berlubang-lubang, which was not really suitable for my heels..My spirit plunged low.macamana nak bergerak ni? nanti accident tumit kasut masuk lubang ? tak ke malu..dah siap cantik2 .
        I was thinking fast. So to be safe., I just stood like a statue and sang.Tried to smile to everyone like usual.Luckily it was a slow number made popular by Salamiah Hassan.
        At the back of the stage, my friends were complaining.
        " Oi why did you stand so far behind ?"
        " Hangpa tak nampak ke stage tu dari papan, ada lubang? kalau aku jatuh tersungkur mcam mana?"
        Suddenly my cousin came and met me at the back of the stage.Terkejut.She was among the audience..!!
        Patted me on the shoulder and said," oi awat hang nyanyi satu lagu saja? aku baru dok kelentong dekat kawan2 aku hang ni sepupu aku."
        I pointed to my shoes and said " Ada lubang atas pentas, kasut aku tumit tinggi."
        " Tak pa, hang jadi patung pun tak apa, nyanyi sudah"
        The show must go on, I walked out to the stage again and sang confidently (macam patung cendana) memulakan baris pertama..a song by Tety Kady."Sepanjang Jalan Kenangan.." 
         Tepukan penonton made me forget my fears, I walked around smiling like I was a princess who just saw her prince charming coming towards her..Phuuuuh .nasib baik..


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