Tak kira, Saya nak kawin dengan teacher ! !

      I was just fresh from college then. Was teaching the pupils in standard two. A fat cute boy was one of them.
     He was mummy's boy, manja and spoilt. many times he refused to write or did his homework.So the most natural thing to do to a pupil that age is to get close to him. And thats what I did.
       I would be by his side to coach and guide him. held his hand and let him hold the pencil if he refused to write.Joke with him, and so on and so forth..
       Then to everybody's surprised he changed.He did his work, never forget his homework, he became active in class and suddenly English became his favourite subject. I was tremendously happy.
        One morning he came to school late.Accompanied by his mother even...He came into the classroom with his eyes swollen.In fact he was still sobbing when he entered the room.I asked him why, suddenly he pulled my hands and said,
        " Emak tak bagi saya kahwin dengan teacher !"
        " Ha?"  I wanted to laugh but when I look at his face, I tak jadi gelak.
        I said to him," sapa kata tak boleh kawin dengan teacher? Boleh tapi tunggu kamu besag dulu, kerja semua dulu , ada duit boleh kawin dengan teacher." I said smiling at him.
         He look at his mum and said, " mak , lama nya nk tunggu "
         His mum patted his shoulder, " tak lama , nanti balik makan nasi banyak2, cepat besag boleh kawin dengan teacher"
          " Betui macam mak kamu cakap tu,la ni jum kita belajag macam biasa na." I said.
          He went to his chair and sat down like nothing had happened..
          Children, they are so naive, we only need to comfort them so that they feel comfortable and safe...God bless you boy wherever you are now...


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