Suhail and geng masuk competition..he he

     Pertandingan liga remaja kreatif 2011. Temanya Merdeka dan ICT. Suhail and gang ,( his good 1 Malaysia friends : Keong, Kevin and Daeng ) all form 5 students from Sek Men Keb Derma were so tempted to enter.
     After a few times I sent him to school..he said for practice, at last the video was ready.Thanx to his ICT teacher and most of all Mr Dahasry for his " dare to challenge" persuasion that made my boy and his best friends all set to accept the big thing..
     Their additional math teacher Madam Koh agreed to act out as the mother of Keong junior. Suhail showed me the finished product after that, long after the video was sent for judging.
     The result was out later.Came out to everybody's surprise. Although they were so shallow in experience, they got 7th place out of 1280 entries from other schools in Malaysia... I was so proud, and so were their teachers and the other boys' parents.
     I like you viewers to share this video too. what do you think.?


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