Dah khatam..


     After struggling and competing with time, house chores and my flowers and my sewing,today we have come to the last page of the qur'an. Alhamdullillah ! Yeay....

     The men are still chasing close behind..maybe in 5 pr 6 days they will finish too.We keep the majlis khatam for tonite so that many more who were absent during today's reciting in the afternoon would be able to join in too.

      The rain sort of shared the happiness with us.It rained cats and dogs while were reciting the few last pages.After a long week without a drop of water from the sky, today we have a heavy downpour. Ha ha,look at my flowers , they are all smiling from bud to bud, from branch to branch..

                                                  The greens..

                            Bunga ros jepun..no nice smells but bear me lots of beautiful white flowers

                                     My bougainvillea outside the gate...

                                                My roses in  the heavy rain.
          Welcome back.Reading al quran needs lots and lots patience. You cant read it like you are reading a book.totally different.You have to know the rules of the tajweed ,where words like harakat, short and long vowels,sukoon or shaddah come in..

          Tapi tak kisah semua tu di baca salah bagi orang yang nak belajar, berdosa kalau tak tahu tapi membiarkan diri tak tau..so kalau masih belajar tu sebut salah sana sini is normal.Allah mesti suka tengok kita bersemangat merangkak2 nak belajar alquran..but in return we get lots of rewards and pahala for reading the holy book especially in the month of Ramadhan..

           Jum baca qur'an ....


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