kawan belanja makan..

        A few days before Ramadhan a close friend invited to a steamboat dinner at her friend's new restaurant. Steamboat dinner is my favourite although my children dont quite like it.Biasa lah budak2 remaja mesti suka western food lebih, sedangkan mak depa lebih suka sayur2, rebus2...
        This time it is a 2 in 1 grill pan and steamboat maker too.using a traditional coal heated steamboat, I guess this must be nice..

                 Grill stuff on the center part and boil stuff in the soup around it..

               They served  macam2 pilihan..fish and chicken fillets, meat, prawns, squids,fish balls, noodles, eggs, and lots more steamboat nuggets. Not to forget lots of leafy vegetables too.The chicken and the meat was well marinated.

         The sauce was good too. I went with a hungry stomach, intention nak makan banyak, because she used to complain," bawa you ni rugi sebab makan sikit." So I was like trying to please the host, tak makan apa sebelum pi so that I could eat a lot.Tapi baru a few mouthful of vege and noodles perut rasa macam nak burst, maybe because sup tu sedap..They kept replenishing the soup..

         Paling terkejut sekali masa paying time.Untuk 2 orang makan,not even RM 30 with drinks sekali.! ! Murah gila. ..



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