My mak visitting a relative.

          Mak came early to my house this morning.
          "Jum bawa pi Abi sat "
          "Nak buat apa ? " I asked.
          "Nak bagi zakat sat."
          I know a family she used to give zakat every year. It was the daughter of her late uncle. Kira2 cousin dia la. Orang susah juga.becos her husband dah jadi OKU. She herself is not capable to do hard work.Ada sakit macam2.
         After sending chocolates to Suhail at the hostel (chocolates from Langkawi) , we headed to Abi. about 7 kilometers from my house.

                 Yes I saw the hard life they have. They have two children .one still in secondary school.The elder in his early twenties.Doing odd jobs to keep going.           

                    The house they live in. The husband kept stumbling when he walked. He told us they are getting RM 130 monthly from the Welfare Department and the wife has been going to the department many times in vain minta tambah sikit duit bulanan.
             .I looked around.I felt a lump in my throat. My mak gave some cash, a few hundreds maybe around RM 300. The lady looked pleased. I saw sacks of rice and sugar in one corner.Maybe somebody gave them during Ramadhan. In Malaysia people are more thoughtful during the fasting month.

                  The scenery outside their house is awesome..the paddy fields, the hills...sejuk damai...

           The whole family looked happy.I gave the lady 2 helai kain suit for her and her girl .Boleh la buat baju raya walaupun dah terlambat.

           I walked to my car dengan perasaan bercampur baur. Many people are so unfortunate out there. But I still masih lagi merasa kekurangan itu ini. Malunya pada diri sendiri.Terima kasih Allah di atas segala nikmat dan rahmatmu..

          The sky looked dark.A gush of wind blew my scarf , covering my face. Looked like it was going to rain heavily soon.

          The lady sent us to the door .Her face as cloudy as the sky.And I saw tears in her eyes.....


  1. Hello IndaMarya, love this posting and pictures, very heartwarming.
    It is alwas good to give a helping hand to those less fortunate than us.
    I have always believed, hands that help are holier than lips that pray.

    Love that padi field scenery. Great photography too.
    Wishing you selamat hari merdeka....
    Simpan satu lagu dalam hati.

  2. Hi Lee, I guna camera lekeh saja.what u said is very true.tq for the wishes.Now di perlis dah kurang sawah padi.semua naik housing if u go to hujung2 kampung masih green and tenang, with rivers still flowing, still ada people fishing and masih ada ikan puyu dan haruan dalam sawah padi.Just like you,I love those days.Something so precious to treasure.
    I used to be a singer in my younger days, so bukan hanya satu lagu dalam hati ada banyak lagu..he he.just pulling yr leg.hve a happy weekend Lee.jangan lupa tanah air tercinta.


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