Bawang Putih Bawang Merah...

        They were twins.At first glance anybody would know it.They looked the same pysically too. Both tall, slim, beautiful with sharp features, dark thick hair.Beautiful is just the word for them..
          One day I was teaching about some grammar on the topic prepositions. I called a volunteer to show some actions. The elder sister by 5 minutes Laila Nasuha came to the front.
Her twin looked on.
          " Stand beside me " the girl stood beside me.
          " Stand behind me " and she did the action..and so on and so forth..
          I took off the ring from my finger and put it on the table and said..
          "The ring is on the table " The class repeated after me..
           I put the ring in my bag...Then said..
           "The ring is in my bag now.."
          The drill went on and on..until I was satisfied that everyone understood.

         Then it came to written exercises . The whole class started to write in the blanks on the handouts given, except the younger twin Laila Najihah.
         "Why are you not writing? " I asked.
         No answer.Muka masam.
         " Teacher, dia dok suruh kakak dia buat" someone said.
         " Mana boleh ! You have to do your own work" I said.
         Later that afternoon I found out very often all her homework and exercises in the class would be done by her sister Laila Nasuha.

        "Why ? " I asked a teacher who had been in the school lama.
        " Macam cerita bawang putih bwang merah la.adik tu dok buli kakak" she said.

        What did I do..
         I buat drawing competition in the class. Entitled : My favourite food.
         Laila Nasuha as usual did her work in silence. Laila Najihah dengan muka masam pretended like she was doing something but I saw nothing at all.kept on erasing the fruits she was drawing.her eyes kept on looking at her sister, signalling to draw for her.

        Nasha had a hard time not to help her because I was all the time right behind Najihah. Then I went purposely to Najihah and coached her .Helped her to draw and colour nicely.She seemed very happy. Mata dah tak tengok kakak dah..
        Of course she won the competition ( saja nak bagi with a purpose too), her sister Nasuha won second place. When I wanted to give the prize to her ( A beautiful pencil case ) I said..
        "Tengok Najihah lukis sendiri lukisan ni.Boleh dapat hadiah pertama lagi.Teacher tunjuk sikit ja.maknanya dia memang pandai. Nasuha tak tolong dia pun ..Lepas ni jangan minta tolong dah Nasuha buat kerja sekolah na.Sebab Najihah kadang2 lebih pandai dari Nasuha.."
        Her face blushing ..seronok la tu. Then I had to go talked to Nasuha pula about my intention buat macam tu..Both were happy. Since then tak da lagi Najihah nagging asking her sister to help.Semua done sendiri.Of course teacher dia dok puji la memanjang..Adoi bukan senang nak jadi cikgu...bukan saja mengajar tapi mendidik..macam anak sendiri ..baru beres semuanya..



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