Some men are really strange..!

      I just posted on "Strange things you didnt likely know " yesterday and today I came to see something really strange when I was brisk walking along the jogging track...
      A man in his late 30s, was standing near a big tree along the track.A plastic bag hanged loose on his waist.When I passed by, it was quite strange to see he was standing facing the tree with his back on me.He just stood there like a statue holding a hammer in his hand.

      I continued walking.When I was about 10 meters away from him,he started nailing on the tree.I thought he wanted to put up a notice or something.When I turned back for my second round again he stood macam patung cendana.macam batu.I did catch a glimpse of what he did.Nails were all over the stem of the tree !
     He just knocked the nails into the trunk.Very strange indeed. Ish the next thing came into my head.This man is crazy...Then baru rasa takut..Bila I lepas saja, he started again knocking ...
    Dear viewers,

    There are many types of men around, some work really hard to care for  the family, some relaxed baca paper while the wife macam tak cukup tangan layan customers beli nasi lemak, ( saw this on the way to the track) and some go to some trees and knock nails into the trunk...he he..



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