I was in the bank. Just as I was filling a form, a lady in early 30s approached me. I had a quick glance at her.She was wearing baju kurung with a scarf not properly tied and a pair of worn out slippers.

           "Kak nak minta tolong sikit boleh ?"
           " Nak minta tolong apa ?"
           " Saya ni nak minta 10 ringgit ."
           Before I could answer, she continued..
           "Kalau tak dak 10 ringgit, 2 ringgit pun tak pa.."
           I looked at her and said...
           " Mai dari mana ni ? "
           " Saya mai dari hospital, tiba2 tengok duit tak dak".
           "Mai dari hospital?  Jauhnya jalan  mai bank sini cari apa? "
           Then she was quiet ... I was quiet too.I know she was lying. paling pantang orang bohong..
           All of a sudden another lady came to the scene. She whispered to me..
           " Kak jangan bagi, dia ni rata2 dok minta duit kat orang...bukan sakit apa pun, badan sihat..saja malas nak kerja kut "

           I looked at the first lady again.Yes she looked ok to me..She left me .I finished off with my business and made my way out of the bank.
           Outside along the pathway, I saw her standing alone facing the signboard..and to my surprise she was reading it. Spelling each word loud and clear..
           " U N T U K ..untuk. P EK E R J A ..pekerja..and so on..."
           I thought to myself.. " La tak betui rupanya.."
           I took out 5 ringgit and gave her..she accepted the money and walked fast to the mamak restaurant nearby..without even a thank you..

          Recently I was with Faten at The Store Supermarket in Kangar choosing a t-shirt. Then suddenly I saw her again.She was holding a t-shirt .Then she asked another customer nearby...
          " Ni berapa ratus ? "The lady said " Tak tau, pi tanya situ" pointing her finger dekat pembantu kedai..
          Then I heard her complained.." Tanya sana suruh tanya sini, mai sini suruh tanya sana pula..gila sungguh hangpa ni "

           She dumped the t-shirt on the rack and walked her way down the escalator...
           Then when we walked to the car to go home, there she was sitting on a chair in the restaurant nearby.. mulut asleep....


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