I miss u ngah...and your beauty tips..

    I am cleaning and sorting up my store in the house when I found small old photos of my late aunt. In my earlier post if u can recall back , I have some memories with her. I owe so much to this aunt. She has lots of beauty tips that I still hang on till now.
    I wanted to scan the pictures but they were so blur.not good.

    It was a great loss to me when she passed away.We were so close. I would go to her if I need some advice on this girl thing like what to take if I have menstrual cramp, what to take to have this black long healthy hair..she has all the remedies to all my inquiries..
     When I was a teenager I was given a big note book by a classmate on my birthday..I used the book to jot down all the tips my aunt told me. It was full now with some cuttings from magazines too.Through trial and error I learn which cream is good and which is not suitable on my skin.
     I learned that moisturiser is very important especially to a person with dry skin like me.And I learned too that it is best applied immediately after I have my bath..The eye area is the first region on the face that shows the first sign of aging..because the skin there is very delicate and crows feet are common for ladies at my age..

        Growing old without that extra care can cause you to lose that beauty that every woman has..maybe if modern treatment is too expensive you can always turn to traditional..they still work on your skin although in a slower pace..

     My aunt did not touch coffee because it contains caffein, cepat tua she said.Will always remember that although once in a blue moon I try juga..teringin.. 

                     My aunt sitting on the left next to my mum .Amboi ...kebaya was in trend masa tu..

     Only this photo seemed quite clear..actually photo ni dah ada dalam my older post entitled "mirror mirror on the wall."

     As I grow older  I know stress  contributes the most to your looks.It makes us look older than our age.It tightens facial muscles which cause expression lines on the face..

     I learned too that stress also contributes to acne, because it sort of stimulates glands to pump out more oil onto the skin..
     Now everyday I would walk about 5 to 6 kilometers in the early morning to control cellulites from approaching.I dont go fishing anymore because I know the sun causes dark spots on the skin making   the skin dry which encourages the appearance of wrinkles ...

     Growing old is normal. Growing old gracefully is a bonus...
     In my coming posts I will share with you readers what my aunt told me about some old remedies and tips for us women especially , to look good and stay looking good for many2 years to come..insyaAllah....



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