New Year in Cameron..


        Almost the whole of December I've spent time sewing and doing some preparations for my son's wedding in early March.So much so my eyes were getting blur and red. Suddenly I just wanted to get away from it all. without a second thought , there I was suddenly in Cameron. ..

         Mostly all hotels were full. Since I did not make an earlier reservations..tak sangka pun nak pi..tiba2 ja teringin..
         Lastly dapat juga Star Regency. Room -rate RM 300. Tak puas hati because, the smell of the room was not so pleasant. The night during the steamboat dinner Faten complaint about the vege not well cleaned. And true enough ada siput kecik atas sayur..nasib baik tak sempat makan..Nasib baik juga ada some patience left in me..kalau tidak..

                                      A giant replica of a strawberry welcomed us...

                                        Scenery outside our hotel window..There are 3 main towns in Cameron, Ringlet, Tanah Rata and Brinchang. Of course I chose Brinchang because it has facilities like hotels, resorts, and supermarkets, while Ringlets concentrated more on agricultural activities..

                          That night suddenly I heard fireworks bursting sound here and there.Looking out of the window, I saw other hotel guests from the nearby hotels shouting and shrieking like they were out out of their minds, I turned on the tv...patutla..It was new year..the countdown was on honking so loud on the streets... They were celebrating new year ! !  I langsung tak ingat...

            The night market is just a few steps from the hotel, Suhail teringin nak makan durian, sebiji harga RM 20. kecik ja.ada enam ulas..makan di situ jugak..
             This is how it looks.. All farm u can see..The grounds in Cameron still wet with rain when we explored the place..



                             The steps to go up to see the strawberry farm..panjat la nak hidup.(.although I dont like it, kena pakai jacket.sejuk..) Those beautiful flowers..If I am a rich woman, I nak semua bunga ni in my compound..angan2..sure tak dapat punya...

                                                             A unique flower...
            Although it was not the first visit , the flower gardens, the rose valleys and the strawberry farm never failed to excite me..

                            Duduk berlatarbelakangkan itik dan bangau...and the not so cleaned pond..

                    The golden mermaid in the pond.Sayang sekali my son said muka dia tak cantik, macam muka lelaki..he he

                                      More flowers...I love them..

                                      Look at this... The biggest rose I 've ever seen...

                               Bestnya sitting among the blooms... macam tak mau balik..

                              Tengok tu ikan kap disebelah I...nampak muka I senyum meleret..sukalah tu..

                              Ni lagi suka..mula-mula geli. tapi malu dengan Faten and Suhail yang berani pegang, I pun let the butterfly stayed on my hand for 2 minutes..When it started moving..masa tu paling geli...

                            Maybe it was not a so satisfying getaway, but cukupla to relax a little bit, before balik and started back to get on with the preparation of Khazimi's wedding. Kerja  ..kerja ..kerja..



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