Something from the heart...

     Preparation for my son's wedding goes on. Today I have finished sewing the souvenirs for the guests on the bride's side.During Famila's wedding I sew tiny bags with embroideries on them. So this time I did pin cushions pulak. Demam pula dah 3 days  so..stop sat..

          I regard them as very special because each and every piece is hand sewn. Draw on the satin materials then straightaway jahit. Each one is exclusive because each one is different from the other..and on top of that each piece is sewn using DMC thread..

         And at the bottom of each piece I stitched my son's name and his bride to be :Imi Rean..

         Below are some of my favourites...I hope the rombongan from Seri Andalas will love this gifts from the mother of the bridegroom in Indera Kayangan..



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