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        When I look at this photo of me holding Famila ( she wasnt even 2 years old then,) all the joy of being a mother came back.  Sophia Loren said." When you are a mother, you are never really alone in your thoughts.A mother always has to think twice , once for herself and once for her child."

         My happiness has been secondary ever since. 

        I remember borrowing a pupil's bicycle during a free doubleperiods  to speed home to breastfeed her. Meredah batas bendang sebelum sampai ke rumah ikut short cut.Then cycled back to school like a thief who was being chased by the police.  phuuuh..
      .She has done the same for little Sara.Except that she has to be really careful on the busy street of Kuala Lumpur just to get really fast to reach Sara. I guess the challenge is greater on her because she could hear her baby crying for 'susu mama'.. on the telephone..!!

        The challenge of breastfeeding..really tested your patience at times..


        I was all skin and bones then. Makan pun tak lalu because I was too tired.Rushing .My baby would rather go hungry without susu mak. Just look how she giggled when I was with her.

        Talk about academic, each child is born with different intelligence and attitude towards learning.Since she was a kid Famila sees learning as fun and always takes it as a challenge.I saw that. 

       When she started working, She is pleasant and easy going,these qualities help her make lots of close friends in no time.I saw that too.

       Sara develops fast just like her mama. At 1 year 8 months old she talked like a baby one year her senior.Giving directions to her mama like an adult."Ok dokong mama !" ( when she's lazy to walk)..

       I told Famila a mother is like the glue that holds a family together. Heartaches and miseries are to be ignored.It sounds cruel. but thats the truth to stay tall and strong for the sake of your children.

        I played an active role in shaping her ( Famila) and I know she is doing the same to Sara.I am proud of myself and her as what she has become is the outcome of our teamwork with lots of continuous doa to the Almighty..

        History is repeating itself. May you sail through happily and safely ever after.Amin..

                                          Muka tak bersalah main phone orang..( 1 year old )

                    (  1yr 8 mnths ) My little princess gelak sampai meleleh air liur..he he



  1. thanks Mak for this post and all the prayers every single day..the bonding is unique when it come to mom and daughter..and I guess because of the breastfeeding process..we both become so close..even until now..i got married, i got my own child.i got friends around me...i still miss you around..and talking over the phone almost everyday is not enough..let people say I'm anak manja..I just don't care...because they cannot imagine how to have the world bestest mum like I do..if they do..they would be like me :)

  2. very touching indeed.. adoi..thnx kakak


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