Apalaa... cutting kecik ! !

     Two ladies were walking ahead of me, both in t-shirts and jeans.One was short and quite plum, the other much much bigger than the first. Tengok badan I think they are in their mid forties.
     I entered a shop selling blouses and baju kurung. They were there too. I spotted a blouse, and love it at first sight.I looked at the size.Ada size 40  and 42 saja. boleh la kut...
     I entered the fitting room, while I was trying to take off my blouse to try on the new one I heard someone said..
     " Eh baju macam kak tadi ambik tu ada lagi dak ? "
     " Ada . colour apa kak nak ? "
     " Merah ada ? "
     "Merah dah habis kak, hijau ada.nak ? "
     "Boleh la.mai nak tengok."
     I put on the  blouse, fitted me like a second skin . Satisfied, I wore back my own blouse . Then I heard the voice of the shop assistant again..
     "Size 40 and 42 saja kak. saya rasa kak tak padan kut "
     " memang size saya, mai sini."
     I saw  the lady tadi .And I think she was wearing either size 48 or 46. Since I become concious of my weight I think I boleh guess sikit2, the size of others..
     The shop has only one fitting room, sure she was waiting for me to get out..
     I came out, sure enough she was holding a blouse exactly like mine but red in colour. I paid for the blouse, then looked for some handsocks.
    Suddenly, she came out and said to her friend..
    "Aku dok besa pakai size 42 dulu, psai apa pulak tak masuk, ish"
     The friend replied. .."hang lama dah tak beli blouse, dah gemok sikit, atau pun kut cutting kecik kut, bukan boleh kira kadang2 depa gunting bagi kecik nak save kain "
    She put back the blouse on the rack and said to the shop assistant
     " Cutting kecik la  , heran 42 tak boleh pakai , jum kita pi kedai sebelah."she said to her friend.

    As soon as she left the shop the girl laughed and said to her towkey who was sitting close by..
    "Apala, badan punya besag nak beli size 42, ish ish .lepas tu kata cutting kecik pulak."

       I did not say a word. All women want to look beautiful . Tak kisah what background they come from, at what age.Kesian pulak.I saw from her eyes, how she loved the blouse.Sometimes most shops sell baju yang fit for models only, kena la cater for the plus size jugak..
       Di Kangar masih kurang kedai yang jual plus size baju for ladies..Malaysia is rich with delicious finger licking food, kadang2 kita terlebih makan and lupa apa yang dimakan akan menambah spare tyre di sana sini..
      Fasting month is around the corner, mungkin ada harapan besar turun 5 atau 6 kilo like last year.Tu kalau masa berbuka makan sekadar kenyang, kalau yang makan sampai tak boleh bangun? puasa pun sama saja..tak kurang kilo di penimbang..

      I drove home in silence.Radio pun tak buka..the incident in the shop tadi did open my heart and my eyes..I cannot stop my briskwalking , takut masuk kedai tak boleh dapat baju yang I suka just like the lady tadi.

     Mudah2an by the end of Ramadhan I will shed of 4 kilos and get back my 53 kg.Ideal weight.to look better and feel better..

          This blue dress I am wearing is size 40. I hope I will be able to wear this size a few more years to come..selamat berpuasa and selamat menyusutkan badan sambil beramal..he he.



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