once upon a time..

          Faten was 12 years old then, in standard six in SKSP. One day she complained of fatigue and tiredness. I said I will take her to the clinic the next day.
          We were in the sitting room, I was on the sofa reading newspaper, she was sitting opposite me with a book in her hand.
           Suddenly the phone rang. My mak was on the line.Then I heard Faten said on the phone..
          "Tak boleh cakap, pening.."
          Before I could say anything , I saw her slowly fell on the floor. Panicked, took her straight to the clinic. Dr Menon checked her .
          "Cikgu , I dont see anything wrong with her, but you can always let me have her blood tested , kalau you nak bagi puas hati."
          So I agreed she has her blood tested to make sure she was ok..
          Waiting for the result the next few days were miserable days for me. Takut macam2.
          I was in school when Dr Menon called .
          "Cikgu the result is out "
          Although the clinic is about 200 meters from my school I felt lama , as if I was on the road for 20 miles.
          I reached the clinic with my heart palpitating wild. Kena tunggu pula. I sat with my anxiety and worries. Suddenly I felt so helpless. Inspite of all the other eyes watching, I started to zikir.softly..
          "Astaghfirllah hal 'azim, then followed by Lailahhaillallah.." I was scared for the blood test result. Zikirla tanpa mempedulikan orang sekeliling. Agaknya mesti they were wondering..what happen to this lady? mesti kes serious ni ..

          I was called in. Doctor Menon was smiling. Seeing that,I said Alhamdullillah  before he even opened his mouth to speak.
          "Why are you so pale  cikgu ? are you scared ? he he "
          " To be frank yes " I said.
          " Not to worry la, nothing is wrong.Maybe she 's just too tired. I give some vitamins to take, make sure she take it. Ok ? if anything just come again ." Dr Menon said in his Indian accent.
          Before I closed the door, he said " cikgu dont worry la.."
          Moral of the story, Allah la tempat berlindung dan mengadu.Apa pun, kaya ke miskin ke kita, kalau dalam kesusahan , hanya Dia tempat memohon.Alhamdullillah...all is well.         

                Faten masa kecik, tengok melaram pakai bangles dua belah tangan..my bangles..too big for her. my brooch under the chin, and look at that handbag..semua siap nak pi "kerja "..he he


  1. Hello IndahMarya, I can imagine your stress and concern with Faten's problem, but glad she's ok.
    I guess kids do give parents some heart stopping moments.

    When very young being an only son, I made my mother very religious, ha ha ha...
    Fighting in school, falling from jambu trees, fooling around with snakes, getting electrocuted and thrown about 5 feet,....I had touched the electric toaster with a fork to take out the bread....
    once kena pleurisy, sikit lagi naik upstairs, then kena appendicitis, kena potong chepat....yes, my mom became religious because of me, ha ha ha.

    You stay easy, hugs to Faten.

    1. Dear Mr Lee, u sure was very naughty masa kecik2 dulu,he he.I baca pun pening,mak u msti 10kali pening.Oh u anak tunggal, mesti u mnja gila2 punya..anyway I see in yr blog that u really enjoy life to the fullest.hope u live happily smpai bila2.


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