My sister and I.


       We live just a few steps from each other. Everyday boleh nampak la aktiviti masing2. Orang ni keluar, orang ni ke mana. Her house is a double-storey one.( just renovated ).Untung juga actually, sebab masa bah besar hari tu I tmpang la berkampung di rumah dia upstairs sampai 4 hari 3 malam.
    In the evening when she does not go to school, always comes to my house for chat2 .Always pasai anak2 and my mak. We share lots of secrets..sisterly ones that we keep to ourselves.So if kami tak puas hati about anything, masa petang masing2 pour out to each other..puas hati.
   It is my routine to send my mak her sayur for lunch and kueh for breakfast everyday. And on Sundays Ila will send me what she cooks. Yesterday I got a bowl of sambal goreng.A traditional Johor cuisine ( my favourite which I usually cook on Raya eve.) and a bowl of kari daging the day before.

      She is the most hardworking teacher I know.For teacher's day she got the 'Guru Serba Boleh Award'  That's why my mak would grumble ..
   " Pi sekolah apa tak balik lagi, dah dekat mgrib ."
   "hang tau Ila pi mana ? "
   "Orang lain cikgu juga, tapi tak la sampai pagi petang di sekolah "
    This type of complains I dah tak larat dengar. Almost everyday.What I do is just keep quiet.Without response she will stop blabbering.

          Her house. Look upstairs..Her eldest is at the window. I love sitting on her balcony because from there I have full view of my house.And from there I can see more or less what has to be done soon, example, pokok ni dh patut di trim, the window nmpak kotor ke..daun kering dah banyak luruh  in that corner, sampah banyak in this corner.that sort of things..

                                               My house from her balcony

     Sitting in front of my house in the evening is something we do often where share our little secrets .. Although we have an age gap of 14 years , that does make much difference though , because we click to each other well..We share beauty secrets too, what to apply on our faces .apa sesuai and apa yang tidak.Our birthdays pun dekat. I am on the 15th.July ,She's on the 20th.dah dekat ...Happy advance birthday to the Hassan's sisters..he he..




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