racing in the market

             I was looking for some ulam at the market this morning. Then I saw a lady wearing baju kurung was shouting to her two kids running about in the market. The younger one , a boy was barefooted. adoi, macam mana boleh biar budak kecik berlari kaki ayam in the market.The floor was so dirty, and slippery.
            "Adik, jangan lari , kaki kotoq"
            The boy kept on running with a girl ,( maybe his sister ) chasing each other .
            And the mother just stood there, did not make an effort to catch the boy, wash his feet and put on his shoes.
            Then I heard her saying " Ish orang larang tak mau dengaq "
            But the boy kept on enjoying his 100 meters practice in the market.And the mother looked on smiling.ish ish she seemed like she was enjoying the scene.
            Suddenly , praap..the boy fell sprawling on the floor. His lips bleeding. And he cried at the top of his voice.
            "Sakit, sakit "
            The mak then baru nak action, what was the point.
            "Ala, kesian kesian, " she said. She lifted the boy and washed the bleeding  mouth using the water in a basin at the stall.

           The boy kept on shrieking, then he called his sister, ..
           "kakak, kakak "...frantically said now.

           and his voice filled the air...'adoi, sakit, mak sakit ...

             Moral of the story... a mak mesti cepat bertindak masa jaga anak2, dont let them on their own,,nasib baik luka bibir, kalau patah tangan,?


  1. Hello Indah Marya, I chanced upon your blog by chance via Google, looking for Malay actress Latifar Omar's pics.
    You have some pics of Malay actresses, Jins Shamsuddin in a previous posting.

    May I have your kind consent to copy 3 of the pics there?
    I am about to post my own posting about Malay women.....and couple of Malay actresses.
    Terima kaseh in anticipation.

    I like your blog, and your stylish eloquence. Have taken a quick look thru a few of your earlier postings. Love your stories.
    Look forward to hearing from you....
    Have a pleasant weekend, and keep a song in your heart.
    Best regards,

  2. Dear Uncle Lee. You may do so.Actually I got those pictures from google image.Thanx for yr sweet comments.

  3. satu correction Uncle lee, the lady with P Ramlee tu ialah Murni Sarawak.bukan Siput Sarawak.


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