The 'pisau 'guy

         He couldnt even utter a word properly. He was all over town roaming about, but lately he was only wondering around Bank Islam Kangar .Everybody in Kangar knows him. No one knows his name.He would wear a short sleeve shirt, wrongly buttoned. With disheveled hair and a smile on his face ,he wondered around asking for money from everyone he met.

         He would put out his hand and smiled .People would give him money.Not much.He would gladly take it , put it into his shirt pocket and walked away in silence.Young girls semua takut dia.

         But he would go away if you say a word to him, that is "pisau " . He was so sensitive to the word .Somebody told me when he was a small boy and was about to be circumcised when he ran away till he was lost .and his family had to go search for him high and low.

         Since then he was very scared of the word.Or when you saw him from far coming towards you, jangan takut, tunjuk saja isyarat gunting .He would immediately turned and walked away.
         One of my friends Azmi told me , one day this pisau guy was asking for money from him and he gave him a ringgit. Azmi went into the bank and when he came out the pisau guy was there waiting for him. This time he did not ask for money but showing him a ten ringgit note somebody has given  him. He flashed the note on Azmi's face and giggled. Ce ce, macam perli la bagi seringgit, orang lain bagi sepuluh...lawak la pulak dengaq.

        But the sad part of the story is, they say he lived with his sister, and he was the breadwinner .Taking money home to the sister who then bought food for both of them .

        He he , tapi dalam lembik2 dia pun , I heard cerita lain pulak.Somebody taught him if anybody says pisau just punch him on the face . And he really did that.Somebody dah kena tumbuk sebab kata pisau !

        But now If I go to Bank Islam, I wont be able to see him smiling with his hand outstretch asking for a ringgit, because last two weeks he was knocked down by a motorcycle.
        The paramedic tried to help him in vain before he was sent to the hospital. But he just lie there in his torn slippers..No one could do anything anymore .He was dead....



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