a double celebration for Faten and Brother Imi on Convo Day...

 Faten standing second from the right sharing sweet moments after the ceremony.

Faten and I              

                 Yesterday I attended my daughter's convocation at UITM Arau .We started early because I knew parking would be a problem if we are late.Managed to park under a big shady tree..cool...Good so when everything was over it wont feel like we are entering an oven.
                 Before the ceremony began ,we were entertained with soft traditional music.So soothing.We did not feel the time flew so fast.Then parents took their seats quietly in the grand hall, followed by the procession of graduates.We were excited but it was a pity we did not have the chance to snap any closer photos here .
                 Then came the general procession followed by the procession of the pro-chancellors into the hall.Soon after that the award ceremony for degrees and diplomas began. Graduates went up the stage to receive their awards.Grinning, radiant,glowing faces caught the flashlights of the cameras.
                 After the second half of the awards presentation, we were entertained by a sweet really sweet voice of a girl, maybe a student too,who touched our hearts with her songs.The convocation ceremony committee must have done their homework because the songs were for the right audience aged above 45.The music was good.Everybody relaxed in their seats .In fact we wanted more...
                  Speech by the pro-chancellor came after that.Frankly speaking I said to myself this is going to the most  boring part.I hate speeches.Looking at his face, he looked stern and strict and one can imagine how the speech would be like...But my thoughts were wrong..He was absolutely good.The minute he opened his mouth I was stunned.Without a text in front of him, he just spoke his mind, his deep voice sometimes went up and down following what he was delivering.We stayed rooted to our seats.He was like an actor, a grandfather giving advice to his grandchildren, a friend giving good opinions and a good educator who knows his business well.That was the best speech I have ever heard.It motivated us parents and of course the graduates.Thank you sir ..
                 Then the ceremony was over .Everybody taking photos here and there.Graduates holding flowers in their hands.Happy.We drove home .We did not feel our empty stomachs groaning.Only our faces smiling from ear to ear....
Dr Abd Rahman Arshad who had delivered the best speech ever...   

On the same day my second son also received his scroll, a degree in architecture at UITM Shah Alam.So his father was there to share his best moments.Here are some of the captures for the day.

Triumph ! !

Ahmad Khazimi with his proud father

A special lady to share his good time...            


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