Why I owe her so much


                                            My mak with my daughter Faten                                                              
        I have written a bit here and there about my mum so much so I forgot to have it written in full. Something specially just for her...
        In the early part of her as a teenager my mum's story resembled a little bit like my grandma.She had my father as her steady one long before she knew the elders were arranging for  her marriage to a man from the nearby kampung.Long ago girls especially couldn't go against the parents as far as marriage is concerned.So however she pleaded and cried no one would hear her.Their say was final.
        But no one can go against the plan of the almighty. She finally got the dream of her life.She married the man she want.My father.The couple has 4 children.Which she successfully nurtured .                
       .Since then she stayed with the husband (my father) through thick and thin until he passed away .
        My mother looked quite familiar to my youngest sister  while I am after my father..I am so grateful of my mum.She took care of all my children when I go to work.I am grateful to that.She refused other marriages after my father died.She kept aside all the joy of life .She was still young when my dad passed away then.She was barely 31......thanks mum..


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