Seniwati Saadiah...The Malaysian Primadona..

..                                                        The many faces of Saadiah

     When we mentioned about Malay Film Production, the name of this great actress will never be forgotten.Saadiah or her real name Satya bt Baharum has always been the most sought after actress known for her great acting in the movies at that time.
                                       She acted so real in the films so much so we thought it was real.As if she was not acting in front of the camera no matter what role she is playing in the films.
                                        She was a beautiful lady, the prim and proper type any mother would love to have as a daughter in law.In many of her films she was seen beautifully clad in her kebaya and batik lepas.
                                        My personal observation says she looked most beautiful in Antara Dua Darjat.The scene where Tan Sri P Ramlee was playing the piano and she as Tengku Zaleha was dancing nearby was the most remarkable.She looked like a Malay teenager so much in love and naive at the same time.
                                         Remember her as Puspawangi in Musang Berjanggut? or Azizah in Penarek Beca.No one can deny her terrific talent in acting.We cried with her , laughed with her  following her great role in her films.
                                          Her equally talented daughter Fauziah Ahmad Daud is no exception.Our film industry has two very talented people that catch our attention every time they appeared on the screen , a priceless masterpiece of all times...

                                                  The expression on the real..

                                                Just as talented , her daughter Fauziah Ahmad Daud

                                                                  The beautiful Saadiah.

You could see her shapely figure.And more interesting her husband Dato' Ahmad Daud also acted in this film.

                                      The witty Saadiah in Siti Muslihat.Most of all the songs in
                                       the film were all entertaining.

                                            The same goes to this one.She looks gorgeous too.
                                                     With the handsome Ahmad Mahmud.

    I reserved this picture as my last.Look at that smile.
 I saw Saadiah at the peak of her beauty in Antara Dua Darjat.
                                          A beautiful Malay girl, that suited her role in the film .


  1. i definitely agree with u!
    one of the most gorgeous malay women in history i think. =)

  2. tq for dropping by Bedak Nyonya, Yes she was. kan kan ?

  3. Saadiah memang lawa!


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