marketting for a reason..

             During school holidays I would cycle to the market to get fish and vegetables for my mum.Since my father was there selling fish (during his early years), I can choose any fish I like.Sometimes I would take some crabs, or squids or big prawns and lobsters.During those days there were plenty and cheap.
             After each examination results was out my father would proudly take me to his friends there at the other stalls and said." She got first again this time." Then those men would pat me on the head and said," Pandai anak hang na Hassan" As usual I would give my biggest smile .Usually I would get 40 cents from this man,30 from the other.he he..
           On the way home I would reward myself with the only magazine I loved most 'Majallah Filem' A magazine featuring local artists like Saadiah, P Ramlee, Sarimah, or Rafeah Buang, Sharifah Aini was a new face then..with her first album Seri Dewi Malam.
           Usually  I could buy more than one magazines with all the money.I would buy comics.I remembered my first two comics , 'Cabaran' and 'Korban Percintaan' . These two comics brought a tragedy to me later.Read more about what happened then.  Wait for my new post tmorrow...He he he...

                 Magazines of those days that made me saved every single sen to purchase them.

                                        This was the market that brought so much memories.
                                        Notice that not a car was in sight.Only trishaws,motorcycles
                                        and bicycles.People were crowded under the big tree to
                                        buy nasi lemak.


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