Imi..The incident at the toilet..

                                                                My second boy

                                                             Imi 8 months old.Chubby.

   In 1984 I gave birth to a boy .Everyone said he is a duplicate of me.Feature wise , everything.The most remarkble one is he sings just like me.He loves drawing too.I remember when he was 17 in MRSM , I was called to the college                                                                                                                                   
        .My son had drawn a big sketch on the white matress in his dorm.The teachers took it as vandalism.He told me he has no drawing paper left, the need to draw was so desperate , so he drew on the mattress          then.After a warning in front of the senior assistants , they let him go.                                                           
     That did not surprise me at all, cause on the wall in his room back home was the biggest drawing ever.(His  masterpiece he said)                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               
    When he was in the primary school he represented the school in the story telling competition in Bahasa Melayu.He was the champion for three consecutive years.Now he is an architect. He still draws and he still sings .                                                               .                                                                                      

Below: At 4 years old and the next photo,he was telling his story at the State Library.An incident happened just before he was about to tell his story.He told me he had a stomach ache.The audience waited for 15 minutes for him to appear on the stage.When I followed to see, he was not answering his natures call.He just sat on the bowl and wandered into space...His excuse..nervous..
       I almost dragged him to the stage.But he stole the hearts of many after that when he sang Penyambung Warisan (Sudirman song)at the end of the story.He won again.When his name was called as the winner he looked at his proud mother from the corner of his eyes and gave me his sweetest smile...... phuuuh..                                                                                             

                                                                        Imi 4 years old

                                  Imi in pink ..main vocal in the nasyid group (at 6 years old.)

                                                                story telling competition

                                    The three years champion story teller was called for interview at
                                   Kangar Radio and was able to recite his winning story on air...

                                              His last day at boarding school (MRSM )

                                                      A handosome young man now..he he.         


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