The incredible story of a kampung man...


                                                                  My grandfather

              Perhaps the most awesome story to tell is about my late grandfather on my mother's side.My grandmother married him at the age of 14.She was a tall fair girl (so fair people call her Cik Puteh).At that time my grandpa had been married a number of times.When he was bored with any wife he would divorce her.So I asked my grandma if she knew it all along why took the risk to marry him ? The answer was simple for a village girl, he was a wealthy man with acres and acres of padi fields.So my great grandparents thought life would be easier for her .
             It did not turn out that way .Only about two months after the marriage he started to hunt other girls.Unfortunately my grandma was pregnant.So fast? ish ish !On top of that the house they lived in was very near a cemetry.Being left alone every night my grandma was getting very scared.The husband came home at wee hours enjoying himself with God knows who...
              Couldnt take it anymore my grandma  ran to her parent's home about 2 kilometres away.There was no proper road then.All she could think of was to escape from the house.
             With only a piece of batik sarong securely tied on her body, she ran for her life in the dark passing through the paddy plants.During those years , paddy plants were as tall as 4 to 5 feet.We can imagine how those rough leaves bruised her tender skin.
            She kept on running.lost her way. fell. Got up and ran again until at last she saw the roof of her old house.
             She did not see him anymore after that.Anyway he was glad when she left because he got married again soon after that.
.          .Although he was married many times he only had 3 children.All girls, including my mom.Rich as he was my mum only inherited a few acres of his land.
             God's fate was such. During his young age he had lots of friends and admirers around him ,when he died there were only his three girls there to watch him took his last breath.A man with his own remarkable record...Altogether he had been married 18 times...! ! !

                                                 My grandma 3 years before her death.

                                                 People visiting his jenazah..after his death


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