Tragedy of the comics...

       Since those two comics I told you earlier in the last episode, I was always saving money and almost begging from my father for money to buy comics.Because he was seldom at home he had no idea I was all the time glued on to the comics.In fact I started exchanging them with my friends.
        Then in form one I got 12th place in the first term exam.Everybody got a shock.I was so ashamed I did not chat with Mariyani for days. Malu..My father took it very seriously. He asked my mum why.She revealed the secrets about the comics.
        Without any warning, he gathered all my comics and before I could do anything, there he was lighting a fire and all my comics were burnt to ashes..INCLUDING COMICS I BORROWED FROM FRIENDS..! !
         I cried all day till my eyes were swollen so much I could hardly opened them.I was trying to figure out at the same time how to explain to my friends about the lost.Their comics I mean.
         The next day at school I save every sen to repay back their money.Although they did not ask for it I felt so guilty about it.It took quite long to repay back each one...sob sob..
         For weeks after that I started to be serious again in my study like before.My mum was forever supportive although I was still sore about her telling my father about the comics...
         My father took every single opportunity to win back my heart like bringing home my favourite pink kropok..a bundle of them.Crabs for lunch(quite often) .he knew it was my favourite...At last we were back to normal...or I would lose an audience to sing to during his lunch hour remember ? ha ha.I love you ayah..


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