My son in-law.

           Suddenly out of the blues my eldest girl told me on the phone.
           'Mak I think I have found 'him'.
           'Him' Who ? I asked.
           'The man I am going to marry'
           It was so sudden.She was on project assignment in Kertih , Terengganu then.
           'You met somebody there? Then came out questions one after the other.Curious parents.Biasa la kan.
           I wanted to find out as much as possible about the individual who will possibly spend the rest of his life with my girl.I browsed through her photos.Not a man in sight.I gave up.All of a sudden my third called me and showed a photo of a man .'Kay'..that was it.I looked at the photo.He looked ok to me.Most important he dressed up like a decent good young man.he doesnt look like a mat rempit or a rugged hippy-like style. handsome son in law

          I did not tell my eldest I have seen him.When she brought the subject I just did what any mother would do
        'Take him home.I want to see him in person.'.
        Now he is my son in-law.Although he is from Kuala Lumpur, he adapted fast like a kampung boy when he is here among us.The other siblings clicked to him fast.He is a very down to earth person.A good eater. I love to cook and I love to see him eat.Everytime they come home in Perlis,we would have barbeque and he is the one who will be in charge of the grill.
                                                 Nice couple.4 months before the wedding.

    One thing I noticed about him, he is crazy about T-shirts.He has a collection that I would suggest him open a stall at Pasar Malam and sell lelong for one night and yet still have a lorry at home..he he.
        Kay, I am happy to have you as one of us..You will soon learn that love and caring deeply about one another is the main subject here in our family.Thanks for making my girl happy.I pray to Allah you will be blessed with good health always so you will be able to take care of my girl and my sweet little Sara .....



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