.siamese twins in college


                                                     Best friend in college
                      Low Kar Im was my best friend in college.A Chinese girl who doesnt look much like a Chinese.We were like kembar siam in college.Everywhere together.
                      She had long straight black hair.I kept mine like hers.We wear t-shirts and jeans to class everyday.We were slim and slender carrying about 45 kilos.
                      Because she doesnt look much like a Chinese many Malay boys were after her.She speaks perfect kampung Malay.With her, English was seldom used.
                     During fasting months she did not eat during break just to respect me fasting.But on the days that I was not fasting(..P....) she would gladly tapau some food for me and we would share it at her place.
                      She shared my every moments.One day I did not bring my apron for our cooking lesson.( We learnt cooking too beside our major English).some basic dishes.
                      I was punished for that.I had to clean the room, like cleaning the fridge, sorting out utensils or even mop the floor.She looked at me with a strange face.Then I saw her took off the apron she was wearing and kept it in her bag...she couldnt stand it to see me being punished.Suddenly she was beside me sweeping the floor.We did our task in silence.In my heart I know as I told you earlier..She's my best friend...That was what a best friend would do....

                                                my best friend ever since college..Low Kar Im

                                                                       Kar Im now



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