.An accident victim


                         Another friend that I will never forget is Thanggaraoo.An Indian boy in my class.I shared many memorable moments with him and Kar Im.I hate sports and he was the secretary.So whenever I made myself dissappear he would helped to tick my name in the attendance list.
                        In the late evening he, Kar Im and me would sit on the stairs in front of our college and chatted like kids.laughing away like crazy.
                       I would hum a favourite song .Rajoo would bit his fingers on his bag for the tempo and Kar Im would just stared into space.(She was thinking of her heartthrob in Jitra)....
                        It was Rajoo that gave me the name Indamarya when I was trying desperately to create a name for myself when I started  to be serious in singing during our first year in college....

PS. Dear Rajoo died after an accident somewhere in 2005, just after I organised a reunion with our class members KC group.I visited him in Penang Hospital with Kar Im and Zamri another classmate .God bless you my friend...


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