Si Tora Harimau Jadian..


    In Perlis long ago there was only one cinema in Kangar , two more in Kaki Bukit and Spg 4. Another one in Kuala Perlis.The one in Kangar was Empire theatre where mostly Malay films were shown while in  Kuala Perlis It was always Hindi films. Capitol Cinema came much later in Kangar.

                          This is a very old picture with Empire Cinema in it. Its the top left building.
                           You can see shop houses next to it.

 To get a clearer picture of Empire cinema,its the white building on the shop houses with the word 7up. It is the building in white near the big tree , far top right. Now you see it.good.

              When I was still a small girl there was this film showing."Si Tora Harimau Jadian" It was included in one of P Ramlee's films Ragam P Ramlee.I nagged my father day and night to persuade him to take me to the cinema.After much persuasions there I was, walking into the cinema just the two of us.It was already dark.The adds were showing.
              My father did not buy any tickets.He had a friend at the counter.Since there were not many people , I saw him signalling to my father and said, "Alah masuk la Hassan, bukan banyak orang pun" I was so proud of my father because we would be watching the film for free.
              He took me to the most front line.I had to look up to enjoy the film on the screen. Suddenly during the scene when the tiger (ghost) was about to jump on  its victim, I felt as if the tiger was jumping on me. I shrieked so loud my father had to pull me out of the cinema without a word.
             Outside he asked  ,"Why did u have to shout like that? "
             I answered "I felt like the tiger was going to gulp me into his mouth"
             At home that night, I felt my throat dry, I did not take my dinner.I was not feeling well.He came over to me and asked "takut lagi?" I nodded.
              He touched my forehead and said to my mum,"ambik ubat,budak ni demam." I was in bed for three days. Penangan Si Tora harimau jadian...Poor girl  .Terkejut sampai demam.....



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