My sister Mazila is the youngest among the siblings. She was two years old when my ayah passed away.She had a very faint memory about my father.Maybe she couldn't remember anything about him.She was too young to know. Her childhood days were filled with laughter and happiness, because during the sad years of poverty she was too young to understand.Her friends are mostly our neighbours of her age.
              When she was in her early teens she would try everything to fill her time.She played in the mud of the paddy fields,or went fishing .She goes on a raft and rowed like crazy when flash floods covered the paddy fields, climb small trees and even tried kicking balls like a boy.I guess she was more a tomboy when she was small.With hair cropped short,wore jeans and t-shirt she looks like a boy alright...
               She was much pampered by my mum, maybe because she was the youngest .Poor as we were , we still tried to fulfill her wishes.I used to buy materials and made a frock for her., sometime a gown, with no sleeve(to save material).he he...
                Like the rest of us she was good in her studies.I remembered seeing her photo in the papers when she received the best student award in her STP from His Royal Highness the Crown Prince of Perlis at that time.When she furthered her studies in a university in Penang (USM ) we were tremendously happy.We knew then she will have a better life in future.
                Now she is a happy mother of three.Living opposite my house (my mum insisted we live in the same neighborhood ).It is a common thing to see us doing butter trade in groceries.Now my mum stayed with her because her children still need some helping hands from their grandmother..Life is indeed getting better......

                                                          Unlike me , she is active in sports

                                            Followed my footsteps, always jadi MC at functions.

                                                                   A smile of satisfaction.


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