Me.. The girl in the red kebaya sings again..

                                                                     Singing again

 Me in the red kebaya representing the state (Jab Pel) in a singing competition in Kuantan.(PSKPP)see how skinny masa tu..kering sekeping! !

     Out of college I became active again in singing.I join a group TESERI which is a very active group performing in traditional dances and singing.
                         I was spotted when I entered a singing competition that attracted contestants from Perlis ,Kedah and Penang. I got second place.
                         TESERI then offered me to sing with the group.Dato Mukhzani Ismail( now with Orchestra RTM) always played the piano for me when I sing English songs.
                         We performed around Kangar and Kedah.Usually I would go for practice after school.I have my own backup dancers (mostly my friends --also teachers)
                         Once I had the chance to record my voice at RTM Pulau Pinang with my group.Sharifah Aini 'songs were hot then.
                         My family would sit around our small radio on the day the programme was on air.They were impressed to have a singer in the family.he he..I wish my late father was still alive to share the triumph......

                         Tiga malam ku mencarimu
                         Tiga malam hati ku sunyi
                         Di manakah dikau sayang
                         Ku inginkan lekas kau datang...

                One of my favourite song then ,made popular by Sharifah Aini.


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