cute Suhail (4 years old)

Suhail left , with a friend. 
               I have had two lovely girls and one boy.When I conceived again in 1994 it was a hilarious event when I delivered a baby boy.Now I have 2 girls and two boys.
               He was big , almost 4 kilos.This time I was able to go to the hospital because the pain came slowly at first. Then suddenly the contraction multiplied fast.Into the labour room at 7pm and he was out into this world by 940 pm.
               He showed talents in singing too.always sang at school functions.Now he has his own band at school.Have seen him singing on stage a couple of times.

                                        Singing and playing the guitar with his band group

                                                         Suhail on sports day...

               He is completely attached to his computer.Almost all day he will be glued in front of the computer. Although he is studying in a cluster school, I am still worried about him .It is a normal thing to hear me blabbering most of the time..
                After year 6 he was selected to a boarding school in Perlis.Tak tahan.asyik homesick.( The school is only 2 kilometers from home !! ) So transfer la pula to Derma school.Another elite school here.

               The other side of him is quite soft.he would worry over very small things sometimes.His good friends resemble 1 Malaysia.A mixture of multiracial friends.
               Compared to his siblings at his age ,he is quite good in his English language.Maybe due to him being rooted to his computer..I hope he grows up to be a fine young man just like his brother .....

                                             Suhail with mommy on prize giving day at school at primary level.

Suhail singing a number made popular by Mawi...Kian

holiday time



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