Wednesday, 11 February 2015

teacher awat sandwich kami tak rasa macam depa punya.?

        Orang kata kita dengar kita lupa. tapi kita buat kita ingat.That's why the children and their teacher decided buat sandwich last 2 weeks. haha..
       Bukan apa .just to make them understand some common cooking terms .Bukan semua budak tau apa itu DICE, CHOP, SPREAD, MIX, MASH,SLICE.BLEND.CUT ,GARNISH..DAN LAIN LAIN.
       So bila buat sandwich dengan muka masing2 excited gila...syok la sangat.sandwich je pun. kanak2...... bila dapat pegang bawang, dengan pakai apron pulak tu. Spreading butter on the bread..amboi bukan main suka lagi.Sampai teacher tak sempat nak explain banyak.Semua dah tau what to do.
      Cuma selang seli la dengan soalan.
    "What are you doing now.? "
    " I am slicing the cucumber teacher. " or " I am doing the plating teacher. "
      Syok tengok muka2 kecik buat kerja masing2..

                                        Group ni dah habis kerja. dok tunggu teacher puji...

                 Ha ha .saja nak tunjuk yang ni garnishing almost tak ada langsung.but their sandwich rasa boleh tahan. Main letak ikut suka hati saja.Look at those tomato slices.boleh tercekik. So thick.hehe

             Ni hasilnya...boleh tahan kan? nampak quite tempting. Ingat nak bagi cikgu2 lain rasa.Tengok2 dah licin...
             kesian kanak2.Ada yang tiba2 came to me and said." Awat kami punya tak rasa macam depa punya teacher.? " 
              "Maybe u tak letak ingredients lebih macam group tu. Siap ada mayonese lagi tambah baked beans segala.  haha "
             "makan la.enjoy your very own homemade sandwiches." I said. masing2 suka hati.
             "Yeah. Siap.! ! " yelled a chubby girl .muka bangga gila.
            At the end of the lesson, I gave them recipe tak siap.. And they have to fill in the blanks with the correct phrases on how to make sandwiches from their own experience tadi.
           A succesful lesson. semua jawapan betul.pandai anak murid ku...nanti nak buat recipe lain pulak yang tak perlu masak lebih2.

Sunday, 8 February 2015

Mak saya kata saya dapat C cukup la teacher...

         Its been like years since I last wrote in this blog. No big reasons actually.just plain tired, no mood to start even though there were so many things to write and share with everyone out there.
           So today lets start about something.I want to write about this boy. Now he is in form 1.

       Zainudin. (not his real name ).I noticed he was quite naughty the first day I entered the class..The last class . 6 C. A pint sized boy.pointed nose. and a smile on the face every time he saw me .

   The first 2 months was the hell of a time for me. Half of the class did not even know simple verbs like pray, wash, wear , put..etc etc. I know that very minute I would have a tough time here.

   Everyday we would be reading, drilling on action words like the above..I made them memorize. Maybe its not the way to most teachers , but to me its practical. Then by the end of February, we started writing simple sentences based on pictures I gave them. I have collected lots of pictures over the years then paste them in a thick book I kept.

   We  started with simple one like : Salleh is reading.
   Then I taught him to expand the sentence especially to the nouns in the sentence.
   Eg.:                                     Salleh is reading a story book.
                                              Salleh is reading a story book under a tree.
                                              Salleh is reading an interesting story book under a big tree.
 Then I  started teaching them complex sentences. After a week ( to my surprise ), a few from that same C class were able to write complex sentences including him..!
 E.g. Salleh who is wearing a T-shirt is reading an interesting story book under a big shady tree.

   I was overwhelmed with joy.

But at least they can attempt paper 2.first section of information transfer  without mistakes...( bahagian ni I gave them petua saja..dah ramai tk faham apa yang di baca, they boleh cam perkataan and fill in the correct words correctly..

   He said to me " teacher mak saya kata saya dapat C cukup la untuk English." he said to me one day.

   The first test he got 24 %. Then 32%, then 40%.

   Semua budak2 I paksa bawa dictionary. Wajib. buku vocab pun mesti ada. tulis makna in Bah Melayu.
   Once a week I buat dictation in Bah Melayu and they wrote back in English.
   Start dengan ayat mudah.: Saya sedang mandi
                                              Maznah sedang tidur..
                                              Noni sedang memancing.etc etc etc..

 For paper 1( 40 questions ) in 6B class,, semua orang mesti dapat at least 30 right answers.they are free to look into their dictionary. Yes they learn  that way too.and I reward them with money.I am not rich but a ringgit here and there didnt make me poorer.
   This went on for months... and everyone seemed to improve a little bit.. good. I was happy.

  Then I moved Zainudin into 6B, because he has the potential to get C.At least for the time being if not for long.(apa I cakap ni.)
   He was so eager to be in 6B. Before I took him in, I told the 6B pupils to make friends with him..and jangan underrate him..
  "Maybe he is better than a few of you in this class "
  The week  we had the trial. and guess what..HE GOT 57%..!

I  coached him more.I want him to get more..maybe a B..melangkah ke angka 6. possible ?
I think he can..( sebenarnya saya yang lebih..siap janji nak bagi hadiah lagi. he he.)
     When the UPSR results were out. I searched for his name. And I yelled like a crazy lady. He got B.! ! ! phuuuuh...alhamdulillah.
      And this year I got 6A class. mak ai..expectations lagi tinggi.lagi letih la..lagi tak dak mood buka blog...

                                    Among friends.muka nampak happy.dalam hati ? OMG.

Friday, 5 December 2014

Memorable visit to Vietnam..

                Ramai dah kawan2 have the chance to visit Ho Chi Minh City. now its my turn.

                                           With friends at KLIA.

                 Ho Chi Minh I am.On the streets there was barely room for anything else.banyknya motorcycles. Kereta boleh di kira dengan jari..Mostly all of the people wear sunglasses and masks on their faces...debu banyak. Formally known as Saigon Ho Chi Minh city is the largest city in Vietnam.

            Some pictures from  the internet. How people of Vietnam suffer during the Vietnam war from 1945 to 1975. The war killed millions of Vietnamese civilians. Leaving Vietnam in ruins for decades.

The use of chemical weapons by the Americans affected the local people a great deal.Millions suffered from serious diseases ,  with malformations and severe defects of the immune and nervous system.

   Here at the Cu Chi Tunnels we saw how tunnels were used by the Viet Cong guerrillas as hiding spots during the war.

           Beautiful laquared paintings. All done by handicapped Vietnamese .They are victims of war who earned their living by producing these beautiful work of art.

                     The Central Post Office. the biggest one in Vietnam. a remnant of the French during colonial time in Vietnam.

             Inside was quite dark. After a quick look around here I am ambik gambar..hehe.

The second Mekong River.Of course beli la topi..nanti sunburned pulak..dah la kita gelap nanti tambah gelap ..

            On a private longtail boat ride along the Mekong River..

         On the sampan along the canals under the green canopy of the water coconut trees...I was scared stiff at times bila sampan berlaga dinding...adoi takuuut.

             Here we were given some honey, and bee-pollen to try. bought some although I already have at home..My friend Lee  from Toronto here I follow your advice.bee pollen jangan lupa. haha. There were many cottage industries here. I like most is coconut candy factory..delicious candy.

             Lastly BenThanh market. Everything is sold here.You name it..semua ada.souvenirs, local handcrafts, food, clothes, fruits.  Here you see posing among the flowers of Vietnam..
             I learn one thing here in Vietnam .Modern technologies versus organized determined human beings...human beings won..People of Vietnam...I salute you..

Saturday, 20 September 2014

My childhood friend is here...!

             She was my childhood friend.berkawan sjak dulu sampai sekarang. She is now living in KL with her children. Been a long time since she last came, since we last met..
             Last week on Wednesday pi ambik dia kat airport Kepala Batas Alor Star . Then mulala sessi jejak kasih with her relatives. I took her to see her aunties, cousins, uncles and neighbours masa di sini dulu.
             I took her around Perlis.Negeri kecik , sat saja dah habis satu negeri..Mana nak bawa melawat?
            Makan laksa di Kuala Perlis, beli buah2 kampung on the way, Pdg Besar beli buah lagi, and blouses( which are not cheap any longer )..
This morning took her to Tasik Melati. No one was there until masa nak melangkah balik. Ada couple makan angin .They snapped our photo together.

                                                        Beautiful Tasik Melati.


                                                  Rasa nak ambik bunga tu...

                                                 Berlatar belakangkan kilang simen

                    Then we went to Timah Tasoh Resort. Lagi cantik. No one was around..sunyi.

                Bilik2 untuk di sewa sapa2 yang ingin bermalam...( takut! !) heard macam2 cerita.

                                        The place was  beautiful..Cant find good enough words to describe.

            And tonite she 'll be leaving to KL..flight 830 pm. balik umah tengok cucu2 yang ditinggalkan di sana.

Tuesday, 16 September 2014

payung jangan tinggal...

Dear readers and friends..

       Bila mengenjak ke usia lanjut ni, rupanya bawa payung sangat berguna..
Last 2 days I was in Cameron . Dengan hujan nya , dengan licinnya..maka payung di tangan sangat membantu..

      Orang kiri kanan tengok ja.Tapi semua akan faham, makcik sorang ni pakai payung to support herself in case there're  holes here and there. ..boleh juga membantu kalau tanah tak rata kan..If I am younger maybe I would use the umbrella for self defence..kalau ada org kacau.kan?

      Dalam bahasa mudah ni peringkat awal pakai tongkat la..he he...

                                   Hi sweethearts out there..Saya dengan payung ...tak lepas tu.

    I was thinking about UPSR actually. Pi mana pun suka duduk mcm ni now. bertongkat dagu.Perihal budak2 kena re-sit for the exam keep bothering me..Kesian budak2 and kesian cikgu2.
    Entah apa pula soalan yang nak keluar. My year 6 pupils are now in KL. Rombongan sekolah. Everything dh plan..takkan nak cancel pulak. When the break is over they have less than 10 days to continue struggling for those two papers. Science and English...Adoi.letihnya ..
   Apa pun kena senyum juga.sebab senyum itu pengubat hati...

Saturday, 6 September 2014

hanya pada MU...Allah.

            Orang kata lagi dekat nak peksa jangan mengajar lagi.biaq budak relax..betui ke?

                      This morning at school..while waiting for all to come. My pupils and I sat on the bench and talked like old friends..I shared their stories, little2 things..we got closer that way..

                lagi dekat nak melangkah ke dewan peksa lagi kerap saya jumpa budak2 dan pesan itu ini..Primary school pupils are not like university students..experience has taught me..lagi dekat tarikh peksa lagi kerap kena sembang.Petua itu petua ini..

              My last words ." dont disapoint me.."
              All of them answered together. "insyaAllah teacher "

      Hanya kepada MU kami berserah..rahmatmu mengatasi segala..rahmati kami ya Allah.berkati usaha ku dan kasihani kanak2 ini. bantu mereka utk berjaya. hanya KAMU mampu melakukannya. Amin.

Friday, 29 August 2014

aduhai murid-muridku...

       Saturday . I was on my way to school. buat apa lagi ..class tambahan la.. UPSR is around the corner. Slepas 7 bulan bertungkus lumus mengadap muka budak2 tu .Pagi class , ptg kelas tambahan dah melarat ke Saturday pulak..lagi dekat lagi la rasa macam ada saja benda tak cukup di perturunkan..
      Budak2 pulak dah dekat sangat peksa ada saja yang nak test kesabaran mak cik tua ni..
Kesalahan2 lama di ulang ulang. Ish rasa macam nak cubit2 pipi lembut depa.. awat la hangpa tak reti2..
    Mengajar kelas peksa ni rasa gayat sepanjang masa..walau pun separuh hidup mengajar tahun 6.Homework dibagi almost tiap hari.Macam kilang ,kita bagi depa buat.corrected bagi yang lain pulak.satu class ada 35 orang maknanya 35  .Saya mengajar kelas peksa 2 class.karangan nak di baca dan di peksa.tak kira MCQ (multiple choice questions)  lagi.Objective 40 soalan..habis buat kena bincang..satu2.
     Saya tau ada cikgu yang hanya tulis di papan hitam.nmber 1= A, 2= C.memang cara ni mudah bagi cikgu, tapi alangkah tak betulnya buat begitu.kesian budak2. Sepatutnya mesti cerita sebab apa A ,bukan C atau D. Sebab tu membincang soalan saja ambil masa lagi lama dari menjawab. Kering tekak. Air mineral ada sebelah.Asyik teguk..

   Sekolah sunyi sepi. I went up to the class.tingkat 3..budak2 dah hampir penuh class.Ada juga yang lambat .Ish...janji pukul 8. Kita 8 tepat dah sampai..ish ish.

   Waited for another 3 minutes then terus mengajar. yang lambat tak mau dinanti lagi.
   Maka mulala kerja...yang tulis ayat silap di panggil sorang2 kedepan,dibetulkan.di suruh buat correction masa tu juga..depan mata kita..

   Sambil membetulkan ayat2 depa, mulut teacher pot pet pot pet..Saya tau budak2 dah jemu dengar mak tok ni dok babling..tapi I think they know I do it for their own good.

   Pukul 11 pagi selepas 3 jam , I let them go..ladened with homework .Next extra class Isnin.
  sapa pun tak berani merungut walaupun Isnin cuti..I reminded again.Monday class mcm biasa 8 till 11. Semua angguk dengan kepala longlai.."OK TEACHER"..

   Yang sweetnya masa bersalam nak balik the girls semua sayang pipi teacher...aduhai.You see depa tak marah teacher membebel, they love me. I know that. And I know they will smile their widest on 11th September..English paper.he he.

   Aduhai..Letih saya hilang.. Ya Allah pls bless them .Hopefully terang hati depa di dewan peperiksaan nanti..Amin Ya Rabb.