Sunday, 30 October 2011

Another sad experience...


           She was 11 years old when I knew her. I was her class teacher then. She had curly hair, round chubby face .One thing I noticed the first day I saw her, she had scabies on her arms and legs.She spent most of her time scratching here and there.Kesian tengok.
           I bought her some cream from the farmacy.She was ok for a little while.Then something happened that brought us even closer. She came to school with bruises on her face and arms.When I kept asking her she told it was done by her mum.It was real sad to see such thin long arms to be bitten to such an extent.
            With a friend accompanying me , we went to search for her house. Her mother came out ,dengan muka masam mencuka. I knew she must have guessed I knew what happened.
            Before I could say anything She blurted out.
           " Kami ni hidup susah teacher, makan pun tak cukup."
I was thinking, what is that has to do with her hitting the child ?
              " Orang tua tak guna tu bukan reti cari duit ! "  ( referring to her husband.)

              "Dulu masa nak kawin dengan saya bukan main lagi." She was almost talking to herself.
              " Bapa Siti ni kerja apa? " I asked.
              "Bawa beca." She answered, looking away.
              "Bawa beca dengan anak ramai manalah nak cukup.Puan kena usaha kut lain la pula nak bantu dia"

              " Nak suruh saya buat apa.Saya tak mau.Malu kerja rumah orang, tak larat buat kueh2.saya ada kencing manis, bukan larat sangat."
               Then she was blaberring . Couldnt make up what she was saying. Then only I knew she had been married to that present husband only for a few months.The children were all from the first marriage.
                Suddenly she turned to me and said.
                "Saya nak bagi Siti ni kat orang, kalau teacher ada kawan-kawan ka, ambik la .saya tak larat bela.Yang lain2 pun saya nak bagi kat orang "
                I looked at Siti. She was at the corner of the room, crying softly.
                Adoi, hancur luluh hati saya...

                I said to her mother, " tak pa esok saya mai ambik Siti".
                I had a friend who wanted to adopt a child. The couple was living a lonely life in Telok Kacang , my kampung.They were very nice people  I knew them for a long time. I thought Siti would have a good life with them.
                My friend was tremendously happy to hear that.

                The next day around 3 pm , we were there at the house. Siti was there with swollen eyes.I knew she had been crying.
                 Her step father was there too. An old man I guessed he must be around 60++. He looked at us and said.
                 " Teacher, saya ni minta maaf apa yang jadi ni. Saya tau saya ni dah tua .tak larat nak bela budak2 ni hidup mewah macam orang lain, tapi setakat ni depa tak pernah tak makan .Saya siang malam bawa beca. Kadang2 tak tentu makan minum.Malam2 baru balik"
                  " Tu la, saya hanya nak tolong anak murid saya.Tapi tempat paling baik bagi seorang anak ialah dengan ibu dia.Mungkin susah sikit, tapi kita kena sabar la. Saya dulu pun susah hidup. Tapi lama2 semua akan berubah."

                  "Saya bawa kawan saya ni yang suka nak ambik Siti sebagai anak angkat.Tapi kalau semua dah baik balik, tak pa la.Lepas ni  Puan jaga lah anak ni baik2.Kesian dia.belajar pun tak senang kalau dia tak tenteram. Makanan sikit berbagi sorang sikit.Sambil2 tu puan usaha la apa2 untuk bantu suami puan tambah pendapatan" 

                  Muka  mak yang masam bertambah masam. Macam mana lah anak2 nak hadapi muka macam ni tiap2 hari..kesian Siti.
                 Saya balik kerumah dengan hati gundah gulana. Couldnt imagine a life of a child with a mother like that. Siti was a bit ok after that. Saya masih bertanya dan bantu dia apa yang mampu.

                 Berdamping dengan ribuan murid sepanjang career saya sebagai guru, I have been through a lot of  such experiences.Sometimes things that we never expect a human being would do to another human being.

                 I brought out this story because yesterday I thought I saw Siti, with her friends. She is about 19 years old now. She has grown into a beautiful girl. I think she is  happy now... because I saw her laughing aloud with her friends... didnt even notice her old teacher observing her from far...

Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Suhail and geng masuk competition..he he

     Pertandingan liga remaja kreatif 2011. Temanya Merdeka dan ICT. Suhail and gang ,( his good 1 Malaysia friends : Keong, Kevin and Daeng ) all form 5 students from Sek Men Keb Derma were so tempted to enter.
     After a few times I sent him to school..he said for practice, at last the video was ready.Thanx to his ICT teacher and most of all Mr Dahasry for his " dare to challenge" persuasion that made my boy and his best friends all set to accept the big thing..
     Their additional math teacher Madam Koh agreed to act out as the mother of Keong junior. Suhail showed me the finished product after that, long after the video was sent for judging.
     The result was out later.Came out to everybody's surprise. Although they were so shallow in experience, they got 7th place out of 1280 entries from other schools in Malaysia... I was so proud, and so were their teachers and the other boys' parents.
     I like you viewers to share this video too. what do you think.?

Sunday, 23 October 2011

My sweet Noni...

        I was sitting in one corner of the classroom,leaning my back against the wall. Three periods of English with a new topic that day left me exhausted..Adoi, the pupils were all downstairs having their recess.It was so quiet.Normally I would be in the staffroom during recess, but because the next period after recess  I would be in the next class, so I would rather stayed there and relax for a while.
       Suddenly Noni ( not her real name)  came into the class.She did not see me.Maybe she never expect me there.I saw her looked into a few drawers. Then she opened someone's bag, then closed back.Opened another bag and pick a pencil and an eraser.Went to her bag and put the items inside.
       I held my breath. My heart was running wild.She opened another bag, then picked up something and repeated the same action.
       I stood up and called her name.
       "Noni ! "
       Her face white as if she has seen a ghost.
      " Teacher ? " She did not move.
      I walked to her.Opened her bag and saw a bundle of pencils and, sharpeners, erasers and rulers.All in one plastic bag.
      "Why did you do this ?" I was getting real hot..
      " Before your friends come in, you better put back all the things in their bags."
      "Tak tau dah sapa punya teacher." Muka macam nak menangis.
      She was 10 years old then . I thought of my youngest 9 year old Suhail.
      I picked up the plastic bag, and asked her to get out of the class.She did not say a word, just obeyed me.
      When the bell rang all the year 4 pupils came in , including her. She looked so tense , I could see that.

       I stood up, face the class.
       " Sapa di sini ada hilang pencil ke, ruler ke, teacher jumpa barang2 ni tadi di tepi almari."
       Those yang terlibat pun terus menerpa kedepan, to get their things back.No one asked anything.
       " Semua dah dapat? "
       " Dah...."
       "Ok Noni, jum tolong bawa buku teacher pi class year 6." I said to her.
       She picked up my books and we walked in silence.
       " Bapa kerja apa? "
       "Jual buah ."
       "Adik beradik berapa orang ? "
       "8 " A word from her. Eyes not meeting mine.
       "Yang masih sekolah? "
        " 5 "
        "Lagi tiga ?'
        " Sorang dok dengan mak long, sorang  tak sekolah dah."
        " Sorang lagi? "
        " She kept quiet ..."
        " Sorang lagi ?"
        "Kemarin kena tangkap polis, curi motor."
        I did not continue my question.

         "Ok, pi balik kelas kamu, sebelum balik umah nanti mai jmpa teacher."
         She ran to her class like I am chasing her from behind..
         At 1.30 I saw her waiting near my car.
         " Kamu dok mana ? jum teacher hantar balik."
         "Saya nak balik sendiri." she pleaded.Now she looked really scared.
          " Masuk dalam kereta teacher" I commanded.
          Her house was a small wooden house in the slump area about 1/2 kilometer from school.
          The other houses were in the same condition. Old and waiting to bow to the ground.
           Her mum, still young, about 45 of age came out in her kain batik and t-shirt.
           "Awat teacher hantag dia.Dia demam ka ? " she asked.
          " Dak aih, saja teringat nak melawat kawasan ni. banyak anak murid saya di sini.'
           She looked at me.and said " Awat teacher, habak la kat saya, dia buat salah apa di sekolah.?"
           " Saja nak tanya , Noni ni tak dak alatan menulis kut.?"
           "Tak tau la saya, tapi dia selalu bawa balik pensel di rumah bagi kat adik2.Dia kata kawan dia bagi."
           "Awat dia curi hak orang ka teacher? "
           I did not answer.
            "Tu la teacher, la ni susah sikit, suami saya tak boleh pi kerja .dah sebulan sakit.tu dok ada dalam bilik"
            I found no words to answer.

            "Teacher tolong la tengok2 dia kat sekolah.Adik dia ada juga darjah 2 sorang, darjah satu sorang"
            I left the house with mixed feelings.The other children were running about.Calling me,teacher, teacher.
            I waved to them and made my way to my car.Noni was already inside.She did not wait for me to move away.

           The next day early in the morning I called her to the school bookshop.
           "Ok apa yang kamu tak dak , ambik, teacher bayag, ambik untuk adik2 sama"
           She took some pencils, rulers, erasers, 2 bottles of glue and a few others.
           I stood facing her in front of the bookshop and said," Mulai dari hari ni, apa yang tak cukup, habak kat teacher.Saya tak mau tengok kamu curi lagi.Sekali ni kalau kamu curi lagi saya telefon polis."

          She was ok after that . before raya I would buy some clothings for her . We were good friends.
          On my birthday that year she surprised me by giving me a present , wrapped in a little box.
          " Apa dalam ?"
          "Teacher jangan buka di sini.buka la di rumah." She insisted.
          At home I was acting like a child , so eager to open her present.
          It was a small piece of wood.So smooth, must have been scrubbed with sand paper I thought. On it was engraved 4 words with a word wrongly spelled. I read it aloud.:
         " Teacher I am sory."

             How beautiful. How sweet..

Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Something is crawling on my head...

         Once a year my school will have this camping programme.Be it around the school compound or outside at any camping ground chosen.When I was fresh from college, ( puluhan tahun dulu) ,of course single teachers will have to spend the night with the pupils in the tent.Usually teachers will sleep in separate tents.But sometimes we teachers love to share being in the same tent with the pupils.This was the time where we could really share stories and jokes with the pupils.

         Ada sekali tu, I spent the night with some girls (3 of them) in one tent. We had a good time sembang and chatting away sampai lewat malam.
          Before falling asleep I asked if any of them have lice in their hair.No one .
          " Sure kamu tak dak kutu? "
          All answered at once."Tak dak teacher"
          I have seen kids with lice problems, very annoying.lice bites may cause the scalp to become itchy and persistent scratching may lead to skin irritation and even infection..
          Yang paling takut it spread easily from person to person.Susah nak tau.You really have to check the hair closely because lice lay their nits on hairshafts close to the scalp.
           I asked once again" Betul kamu semua tak dak kutu ni? "
           Once more same answer." TAK DAK LA TEACHER "
           Confident. I put my head on my telekung bag and slept...

        3 days after that  I started to feel itchy on the scalp. Felt like something is crawling on my head.Never crossed my mind about lice.Shampoo my hair more often, maybe dusts or what..Still itchy..
         Called my friend to have a look.Then heard her shrieked aloud..
         " EEEEE, pengotor nya , hang ada kutu la"

          Kurang asam punya budak2.Berani tipu I. I drove straight to town.Pi pharmacy and bought anti lice shampoo.Tu pun bisik2 , malu orang dengar.Then bought a few extra packets.

           The next morning at school..
          " Yang tidug satu khemah dengan teacher minggu lepas, mai sini ambik benda ni balik shampoo rambut kamu."

         All 3 of them came and get the shampoo from me.Smua tunduk.Then I found out all of them have lice in their hair. After that jangan harap I will share a tent with them masa camping...
         Adoi, jadi la dugaannya ..bukan satu banyak lagi..Nak jadi cikgu yang baik tahan la...


Tuesday, 18 October 2011

"Tak mau cerita pasai mak " ( Part 2 )

          "Today I would like to tell you a story that I read long ago when I was a small girl .Maybe this is just a fairy tale.But the story was a very touchy one that I still remember until now."
          All of them sat up straight.Faces look so eager to listen.
          " Ok , once upon a time there was a young mother who lived in a small village with her baby girl .Mother loved her girl very much.Although she was very poor, she always tried her best to fulfill her every wish.."
         They lived happily.Mother went to work at the chief's house everyday taking her daughter with her.She cleaned the house, and did other house chores too.In the evening they went home with some food given by the chief's wife.
        One night there was a thunderstorm and a heavy rain.The little girl was awoke.Mother comforted her.It was cold in the house.Puddles of water were everywhere.She went down to get a basin.
        When she was up in the house again, her baby was gone.She cried for her, called out her names .There was no answer. with the small lamp in her hand, she searched for her high and low.Still no sign of her.
        "Maybe she went down to be with me just now when I looked for the basin" She thought.In the heavy rain she frantically looked for her.

         Suddenly she saw a figure standing before her.It was so dark she couldnt see the face.
         " Looking for your baby? " The voice asked.
         "Yes , please tell me.Where is my baby." She was crying now.
         " I will tell you. But I want something from you in return."
         " I will give you anything, tell me where is my baby."
         " I have always love your long black hair, for a change you can have my long white one"
        " Take long as I have my baby back"
         In a second her hair was gone.On her head now is the other one's hair, all white and lifeless.
         " Tell me where is my baby..Please.."
          " You walk straight on until you see a junction, turn left and you'll find a man with one leg who will tell you the next route to take, to find your baby"
          She didnt wait to listen more from the voice.She almost ran with her white long hair to find the man.
          She saw a small house, with a man with one leg as told by the voice.
          "Someone has taken your baby. I know where she took her.But I want something from you "
         " You can have anything.please tell me where is my baby." She pleaded.

         " I want those strong teeth you have.Mine are all gone."
         Before she could say anything, her strong white teeth were gone.
         " He He , thank you. you may now walk to the edge of the jungle.there you will see a big tree.Under the tree is someone waiting for you to tell you what to do next"
         She ran on, crying and calling her baby's name.
          There under the big tree sat  an old woman, There were all wrinkles on her face with deep set eyes.She said.
          " You have come a long way, I know where you can get back your child, but I too want something from you.Since this is the nearest place for you to go and get you child, I want something very precious from you."
          As always the young mother never thought of herself.In her mind she only wanted her baby back.
         " You can take anything from me.Please give  back my baby." She cried.
         The old woman stood up.The young mother could see her clearly now.She must be about a hundred years old.
         " I just want your youth. Ha ha. You see how old I am?  I will show you the place to get back your baby after I get what I want."
         The mother was stunned.Many things came into her mind.
         "Whats the use of this youth to me without my baby.I would rather be old and poor."
         In a flash of time, she became old and haggard.She felt so weak.She could hardly walk, she could hardly speak.She seemed to lose her voice too.
          The old woman, now young and beautiful, said to her.
          "You see that big house there. your baby is there, go there and take her back now."
          The mother made her way slowly to the big house.She was so weak she took a long time to reach the house.
          There she saw her baby happily playing with many other babies.She could hardly recognize her. She was beautiful . She was dressed in a beautiful gown, there were many toys around her.With tears flowing from her eyes she called out her baby.Once , twice. Her baby looked up , only to show no recognition in her eyes.
          She sat slowly on the grass, cried and cried her heart out..
          " Of course she wont recognize me now.I look so old." She cried and cried..She looked again at her baby.
          " My baby is happy, she looks beautiful, she has many friends, if she comes back with me what can I give her, I am old , ugly and very poor."
        She stood up slowly, looked at her baby for the last time and walked slowly away....
         "You see, a mother's love is unconditional. always love your mother.You can go to the end of the world but you wont find a love as great as your mother's love for you.. "
          I looked at my pupils faces as I finished the story.Everyone was quiet. I looked at Azim . Without a word  I walked out of the class ..crying..

Monday, 17 October 2011

"Tak mau cerita pasai mak ! ! " ( Part 1 ).


          One day we were discussing about the topic "My mother". Everyone has to stand up and tell about his or her mother to the class.To make things easier for them I did a mind map on the board, so that they will have some guidelines as what to touch on.
                   One boy refused to tell about his mother.
                   " Teacher I want to tell about my friend"
                   "No Azim, today you have to tell the class about your mother"
                   " Teacher, tak mau cerita pasal mak.Tak mau! " He insisted.
                 I called him to the front and said " Awat tak mau cakap pasai mak? Kamu ada mak?" I asked softly.

             " Ada "He was looking down.
              " Ok Kalau tak mau cerita pasai mak, cerita pasai bapa kamu."
              'Bapa tak dak, dia kawin lain tinggai saya dengan mak saja"
            I felt a lump in my throat.Touched him on the shoulder and said.
            " Cerita kat teacher apa mak buat kat kamu sampai kamu marah kat dia sampai macam ni ?" I whispered to him.
            Dia memandang saya dengan mata berkaca.I quickly understood.
            " Jum kita pi sembang tang tu." Pointing to the corridoor.The rest of the class wrote their own mind map about their mother. I held his hands to gain his confidence.
            "Ok tengok teacher. Teacher ni mak juga. Ada 4 orang anak. Mungkin teacher boleh faham apa yang kamu rasa. Dulu anak teacher besag kamu juga.Tapi la ni depa dah besag2 semua." I smiled to him.
            He looked at me straight in the eye.Twisting his hands.
            " Mak garang, dia selalu pukui saya.Dia kata saya kena duduk dengan bapa."
            "Ok mak kerja apa?"  I asked him.
            " Mak kerja cuci umah orang. "
            " Mak pi kerja pukul brapa dan balik pukul berapa ? "
            " Lepas hantag saya mai sekolah dia pi kerja.Lepas tu ambik saya balik umah.Lepas tu pi kerja balik sampai petang."

           "Ok kesian mak kerja teruk nak bela kamu.Tentu dia penat .Dah la dia kerja cuci umah orang.Lepas 
tu balik masak bagi kamu makan pula.Kesian dia" I said.

           " Azim, tak dak mak yang tak sayang anak.tpi mak pun manusia juga.Dia tau letih, dia tau penat, dia tau sedih. Teacher pun macam tu. Kamu nak dengag dak cerita pasai sorang mak.Sedih cerita dia.Tapi teacher nak cerita ni depan semua kawan2 kamu.bagi depa seronok sama.Boleh? "

           He nodded his head.I entered the classroom and faced the pupils.....

           (To be continued in the next post ) I am not well, dizzy bila duduk lama..bye readers...

Thursday, 13 October 2011

Patung cendana menyanyi...


          One evening many2 years ago I was singing in a small district in Kedah.The show that night was for the villagers.I was with my group including the dancers.
          I was wearing my black dress.soft and flowing matched with a really high heel shoes. When it was my turn to sing , I walked up the stage. It was a stage made by the kampung folks, where they used planks of wood as the stage floor.
         Adoi, tiba-tiba I nampak ruang antara papan tu berlubang-lubang, which was not really suitable for my heels..My spirit plunged low.macamana nak bergerak ni? nanti accident tumit kasut masuk lubang ? tak ke malu..dah siap cantik2 .
        I was thinking fast. So to be safe., I just stood like a statue and sang.Tried to smile to everyone like usual.Luckily it was a slow number made popular by Salamiah Hassan.
        At the back of the stage, my friends were complaining.
        " Oi why did you stand so far behind ?"
        " Hangpa tak nampak ke stage tu dari papan, ada lubang? kalau aku jatuh tersungkur mcam mana?"
        Suddenly my cousin came and met me at the back of the stage.Terkejut.She was among the audience..!!
        Patted me on the shoulder and said," oi awat hang nyanyi satu lagu saja? aku baru dok kelentong dekat kawan2 aku hang ni sepupu aku."
        I pointed to my shoes and said " Ada lubang atas pentas, kasut aku tumit tinggi."
        " Tak pa, hang jadi patung pun tak apa, nyanyi sudah"
        The show must go on, I walked out to the stage again and sang confidently (macam patung cendana) memulakan baris pertama..a song by Tety Kady."Sepanjang Jalan Kenangan.." 
         Tepukan penonton made me forget my fears, I walked around smiling like I was a princess who just saw her prince charming coming towards her..Phuuuuh .nasib baik..

Wednesday, 12 October 2011

gobek tok,pusaka yang masih utuh menyimpan rahsia tok .....

                     Post sekali ni teringin la pula nak cakap Melayu.Mana la tau kot2 ada tok wan ke tok mana2 nak baca post ni yang mungkin depa suka tiba2 speaking pula. kesian depa kan?
                      My Tok mula makan sirih sejak azali.Ingat2 saya sejak muda kot.Sentiasa ada dalam mulut je sirih ni.Makanan macam snek le zaman dulu.Snek orang tua2.
                      Sirh tak payah beli, tanam tepi rumah ja, pokok pinang pun sama , ada tepi bumbung dapur.nak guna kait ja.kalau malas tunggu luruh.Sama juga.
                      Pinang di racik dengan kacip, campur sirih, campur kapur dan gambir. masuk dalam gobek.Tumbuk2 sampai halus .lepas tu nyap nyap masuk mulut. Makan lah nak hidup.
                      Masa tok masih muda dia tak guna gobek ni, sebab masa tu gigi masih kuat. Bila dah luruh pagar dalam mulut tu mula lah guna gobek tu.Di sini kami panggil lesung pinang.

                              Ni la rupanya.Buat dari tembaga tau. berkilat. Tok selalu cuci lepas guna.

              Yang ni mesti semua kenai kan? Buah.pinang. Pada zaman dahulu sirih pinang memainkan peranan penting dalam majlis pertunangan sebagai pembuka kata. Maka di letakkan lah bekas sirih ini untuk di jamah oleh keluarga gadis yang ingin dipinang.

      Ni la pokok pinang. Ambik dari internet ja.Dulu2 lagu-lagu Melayu banyak menggunakan perkataan pinang ini sebagai pembayang maksud dalam pantun-pantun yang indah..

                             Sirih pinang bawa berkunjung                           
                             Di dalam puan merah tembaga,                          
                             Hajat kami setinggi gunung
                             Memetik bunga yang muda remaja..

          Tapi tok tak tau pun pantun2 ni.yang dia tahu sementara nak tunggu nasi masak , makan sirih dulu, tengah tanam padi di bendang, sirih pinang ada dalam mulut. Tengah hayun buaian cucu pun makan pinang juga.

     Ni sirih dan pasangannya kapur. Tapi tak boleh letak banyak2 kapur ni nanti hangus lidah.panas dan tajam. Tapi tok selalu juga guna kapor ni masa nak bancuh tepung untuk buat goreng pisang.Gunanya supaya goreng pisang tu jadi rangup nanti.
    Macam2 anak cucu takutkan tok mengenai bahaya makan sirih pinang ni,.Nanti kena kanser mulut lah,.karat gigi la. Macam2.Tok tak heran pun. lagi banyak dia makan
          ." Eleh tok nenek aku dulu tak mati pun makan pinang sirih ni ? "

    Ni satu yang sentiasa ada di tangan tok. Rokok daun. siap dia beli 5.6 berkas siap2. Kot2 masa bekalan habis, cucu2 tak da bila nak disuruh beli.

    Ni la tembakau asli. Ada di jual di bazar Cina dulu. Tok tak boleh kehabisan bekalan ni.Or she will fall asleep for no reason.

   My tok was a very quiet person. susah nak dengar dia cakap banyak.All the time sentiasa ada dua benda ni dalam mulut dia.Samaada sirih pinang or rokok daun ni..Masa tu you can see her eyes blinking klip pok klip pok. I think she was savouring nikmat sirih pinang dan rokok daun tu kot....

    Bila dia dah tak ada, gobek tu tak di pedulikan Kalau dulu berkilat tok cuci, now dah hilang serinya.Macam orang tak mandi berbulan2.penoh daki. What we did was ambik simpan dia dalam almari.Buat kenangan.  Kenangan pusaka tok yang dah hilang serinya...
    Kadang2 masa menumbuk pinang dalam gobek tu, tok mengomel2. tu ini. Apa saja perasaan tak puas hati
tok crita pada gobek ini...Tentu banyak rahsia tok yang tersimpan  dalam setiap hentakan alu gobek bertuah ini.....betul dak kawan2?
    Tapi hakikatnya, gobek itu mati selepas  tok mati...Sapa pun tak sentuh gobek ini...Ia dah jadi pusaka tok yang istimewa..God bless you tok...

Saturday, 8 October 2011

Che Tom kuih sepit...

          When I entered the classroom, one pupil, ( a girl ) was crying real loud,blabbering something which I couldnt understand. Two boys were laughing at the top of their voice.
          Then somebody shouted," Wei teacher Maznah. ! ! "
           Everybody stumbled to their seats.Muka buat2 serious.
           " Apa bising2 ni.Amalia awat dok teriak ni ? "
           "Depa dok panggil ayah saya Man Kambing"
           I tried very hard not to laugh out loud.
           " Psai apa depa panggil ayah awak lagu tu ? "
           " Ayah saya memang la dok bela kambing banyak." She explained.
           I turned to Yusof , the one who always like to tease others.
           " Yusof !  Saya tahu ayah awak banyak bela ayam serama kan? So macam mana kalau saya nak          panggil dia Mid Serama? awak suka?"
           The whole class burst out laughing.
           Another named Aina said," teacher Yusof pun dok panggil mak saya Timah boyot"
          "Pasai pa ? " I asked.
           Before she could answer someone said " teacher tak tau ka perut mak dia buncit gile."
           Ana said, " kalau buncit pun bukan dia kacau hang? mak aku kata kalau hang kata dia lagi lepas ni dia nak kerat lidah hang".

           Linda stood up" Teacher Yusof dok gelag tok wan saya Pak Mid rebeh."
           I felt like running out of the class to laugh out loud .Everybody in the class laughed.
           "Awat dia kata lagu tu  kat tok wan kamu Linda? "
           " Sebab dulu tok wan saya pernah accident, telinga dia rebeh sebelah"
           The whole class was hillarious."kah kah kah".everyone laughed.
            Nadia said," Teacher, Akhil dok gelar kat saya Che Tom kuih sepit!"
            This time I tak tahan  terpaksa gelak kuat2.
            "La pulak.Awat? "
            Tok saya nama Che Tom dok buat juai kuih sepit"

            "Ish , dengag sini teacher nak habag.Dulu-dulu orang Melayu nama tak berapa banyak nak pilih untuk anak-anak depa.Asyik2 nama-nama tu jugak Sudin, Tapa, Berahim,, kalau lahir hari Rabu depa letak nama Sabu, kalau hari Jumaat, depa panggil Ad atau Saad, kalau Selasa depa panggil Isa , atau Cha saja, kalau Isnin depa panggil Nayan ja.Jadi untuk membezakan antara satu sama lain depa bagi gelaran supaya mudah di camkan.Contohnya kalau namanya Abu dan dia suka laga ikan.maka dia digelar lah Abu laga,tujuannya untuk senang membezakan Abu yang mana satu "

            " Ada sorang dekat kampung teacher nama Mat.dia siap warning orang,jangan  gelar dia apa2.Panggil Mat saja sudah.Malangnya mulai dari hari tu dia dikenali sebagai Mat Saja"
             " Kamu tengok punya tak ada kerja orang kita.Asyik gelag orang macam2 Sedangkan orang2 yang di beri gelaran yang pelik2 dan memalukan itu ialah orang2 yang sangat dekat dengan kita.Kadang2 orang yang kita sayang, mak ayah kita"

             " Mula dari hari ni, kalau saya dengar ada lagi di antara kamu dok gelag orang macam2 maka kita akan pilih satu gelaran yang paling pelik dan paling lucu untuk dia pula.Dan satu sekolah akan panggil dia dengan gelaran baru tu . Baru padan muka dia"
              Everyone looked down, the one who always called people names pretended to look into his bag searching for something.
              Lesson went on as usual. Starting from that day no more nicknames heard, no more crying either...Lega....


Monday, 3 October 2011

Tak kira, Saya nak kawin dengan teacher ! !

      I was just fresh from college then. Was teaching the pupils in standard two. A fat cute boy was one of them.
     He was mummy's boy, manja and spoilt. many times he refused to write or did his homework.So the most natural thing to do to a pupil that age is to get close to him. And thats what I did.
       I would be by his side to coach and guide him. held his hand and let him hold the pencil if he refused to write.Joke with him, and so on and so forth..
       Then to everybody's surprised he changed.He did his work, never forget his homework, he became active in class and suddenly English became his favourite subject. I was tremendously happy.
        One morning he came to school late.Accompanied by his mother even...He came into the classroom with his eyes swollen.In fact he was still sobbing when he entered the room.I asked him why, suddenly he pulled my hands and said,
        " Emak tak bagi saya kahwin dengan teacher !"
        " Ha?"  I wanted to laugh but when I look at his face, I tak jadi gelak.
        I said to him," sapa kata tak boleh kawin dengan teacher? Boleh tapi tunggu kamu besag dulu, kerja semua dulu , ada duit boleh kawin dengan teacher." I said smiling at him.
         He look at his mum and said, " mak , lama nya nk tunggu "
         His mum patted his shoulder, " tak lama , nanti balik makan nasi banyak2, cepat besag boleh kawin dengan teacher"
          " Betui macam mak kamu cakap tu,la ni jum kita belajag macam biasa na." I said.
          He went to his chair and sat down like nothing had happened..
          Children, they are so naive, we only need to comfort them so that they feel comfortable and safe...God bless you boy wherever you are now...