Something is crawling on my head...

         Once a year my school will have this camping programme.Be it around the school compound or outside at any camping ground chosen.When I was fresh from college, ( puluhan tahun dulu) ,of course single teachers will have to spend the night with the pupils in the tent.Usually teachers will sleep in separate tents.But sometimes we teachers love to share being in the same tent with the pupils.This was the time where we could really share stories and jokes with the pupils.

         Ada sekali tu, I spent the night with some girls (3 of them) in one tent. We had a good time sembang and chatting away sampai lewat malam.
          Before falling asleep I asked if any of them have lice in their hair.No one .
          " Sure kamu tak dak kutu? "
          All answered at once."Tak dak teacher"
          I have seen kids with lice problems, very annoying.lice bites may cause the scalp to become itchy and persistent scratching may lead to skin irritation and even infection..
          Yang paling takut it spread easily from person to person.Susah nak tau.You really have to check the hair closely because lice lay their nits on hairshafts close to the scalp.
           I asked once again" Betul kamu semua tak dak kutu ni? "
           Once more same answer." TAK DAK LA TEACHER "
           Confident. I put my head on my telekung bag and slept...

        3 days after that  I started to feel itchy on the scalp. Felt like something is crawling on my head.Never crossed my mind about lice.Shampoo my hair more often, maybe dusts or what..Still itchy..
         Called my friend to have a look.Then heard her shrieked aloud..
         " EEEEE, pengotor nya , hang ada kutu la"

          Kurang asam punya budak2.Berani tipu I. I drove straight to town.Pi pharmacy and bought anti lice shampoo.Tu pun bisik2 , malu orang dengar.Then bought a few extra packets.

           The next morning at school..
          " Yang tidug satu khemah dengan teacher minggu lepas, mai sini ambik benda ni balik shampoo rambut kamu."

         All 3 of them came and get the shampoo from me.Smua tunduk.Then I found out all of them have lice in their hair. After that jangan harap I will share a tent with them masa camping...
         Adoi, jadi la dugaannya ..bukan satu banyak lagi..Nak jadi cikgu yang baik tahan la...



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